Wednesday 6 October 2021

Etsy Halloween Shops To Check Out

Etsy Halloween UK Shops
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Decorating my home for Halloween is one of my favourite seasonal activities and although I've put up most of my decorations already, I'm still keeping an eye out for some new additions. Etsy is always a great place to start as they tend to have unique pieces for the home, but you can also fill your wardrobe with some spooky pieces at the same time too. 

For the home, I've been eying up this Ghost Tassel Garland as they're so adorable - plus they can fit in multiple places around the house. If you want something a little bit more obvious then these Ghost Window Stickers are perfect and so cute for putting out on the 31st. 

I feel like velvet pumpkins have been all the rage this year, but they're so hard to get your hands on because they sell out so quickly. This Plush Orange Pumpkin comes in a variety of sizes meaning they can go throughout the home with ease and they're reusable meaning you can bring them out year upon year. Another pick that I think would be a favourite for years to come is this Hanging Cauldron Burner which would look so cool on a mantelpiece. 

When it comes to clothing, Etsy have a lot to offer around Halloween. Their t-shirts and jumpers are unique, the only downside is deciding which one to choose. I think this
Pumpkin T-Shirt is my favourite and I feel like it can be easily worn with anything, but I also think this Floral Ghost Shirt is adorable. Another one I like the look of is this Ghost Bat T-Shirt which comes in an array of colours and is great if you're a fan of the understated Halloween look. 

If you want to stay a little warmer, then definitely check out this Dancing Screams Sweatshirt or Pumpkin Embroidered Jumper as they both look super snuggly - plus I feel like you can get away with wearing these outside of October. 

For accessories, I also find Etsy is my first port of call. I've mentioned these Maple Leaf Earrings before, but I have to feature them here as well as they're just so Autumnal and pretty. If you're looking for more Halloween accessories, then these Cute Little Ghost Earrings or these Pumpkin Polymer Earrings are great too. 

Have you checked out Etsy for Halloween? 


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