Tuesday 26 October 2021

10 Things To Do This Halloween

10 Things To Do This Halloween
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With Halloween being on a Sunday this year, it feels fitting to tick something off my Halloween to-do list everyday this week. I always like to keep myself busy on the week leading up to the 31st so that I can fit everything. If you're looking for activities to do this week, then here's my top ten things do in the run up to Halloween. 

Visit A Pumpkin Patch

I've visited a couple of pumpkin patches this year, but if you haven't yet done so here's your reminder to book in for this weekend. It's a great afternoon activity for all the family - just make sure to wrap up and wear some comfortable boots. After you get back from your trip, carve up your pumpkins or even make them into a delicious soup. Don't forget to roast the seeds for a great snack! 

Watch Spooky Films

Whether you opt for a childhood classic or a scary favourite, I love gathering all the snacks, cosy blankets and getting ready to hide behind a cushion. I'm currently challenging myself to watch a different film each evening to get myself ready for the 31st! If you're not really a film person, then there's lots of TV series at the moment to get your teeth (or should I say fangs) into. Squid Game, Only Murders In The Building and the new series of You are all great picks, but there's also old Sabrina The Teenage Witch episodes being shown if you want a dose of nostalgia. 

Make A Halloween Snack Board

I put together this Halloween snack board last year and I want to create a similar one this year. I love the savoury take on this because a cheese board at this time of the year is just the best. Think about wrapping your sausages up like mummies, making some bat shaped crackers and even turning olives into spiders. Whilst that all sounds delicious, I'm also tempted to try out sweet snack board full to the brim of all my favourite Halloween sweets as well as some homemade cookies too! You can find baking inspiration on my Instagram reels.

Decorate Your House

I've already decorated for Halloween, but if you've been meaning to, then here's your reminder! I have put together some of my favourite below if you're looking to pick up some last minute bits. 

Here are some other ideas:

- Check out if any houses local to you have decorated for Halloween. 

- Make a Halloween playlist (here's mine!). 

- Dress up!

- Have a Lush Halloween bath. 

- Go to a corn maize or haunted house.

- Cook with a pumpkin themed dinner (think soup or even make your own gnocchi). 

What are your Halloween plans this year? 


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