Friday 24 September 2021

The Best Autumn Bedroom Decor

Autumn Fall Bedroom Decor Ideas

Autumn Bedroom Decor Ideas
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Decorating for Autumn brings me so much joy, I think I love it equally as much as I do putting up my Christmas decorations. The cosy additions and warm tones really add to the comforting feel and I love filling spaces up with soft furnishings and cinnamon scented candles. 

I feel like I need to mention my bedding first as I get multiple questions about it a day. It's the Matalan Pumpkin Duvet Cover and I absolutely adore it. Not only does it look amazing and is on the understated side until you look closer, it's on it's second year and is showing little wear and tear. Although it's a little different to the pumpkin one, I'm still eyeing up this Dunelm Forest Duvet Cover as I love the burgundy and Winter themed print. 

On top of my bed I use the H&M Velvet Cushions, but of course my pumpkin plush cushion takes centre show. Although I can't link my exact one, I have found this Velvet Rust Pumpkin Decoration on Etsy which I think is just as adorable! I picked up this Target Pumpkin Blanket and despite being a couple of years ago, this throw has stayed soft and I use it all the time when I want to snuggle up with a candle, a cup of a tea and a book. 

Over my headboard and around my mirror, I have an Autumn Leaf Garland which I think is probably my favourite addition to my bedroom as it immediately adds colour and warmth to the space - plus the leaves really feel like you're adding a bit of the outside indoors. Talking of decorations around my bed, although it doesn't change, my Urban Outfitters Moon Banner feels like it stands out even more in the Autumn and Winter months as I love the celestial feel. 

I have sneaked a few of my Bat Wall Decorations into my bedroom and although I know it's a little early still, I really love these as I struggle with Halloween decorations for this area. I have also added in some Pumpkin Shaped Fairy Lights across my shelving unit as the orange hued illumination looks great! 


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