Tuesday 21 September 2021

Decorating My Living Room For Autumn

Autumn Fall Home Decor Living Room

Autumn Fall Home Decor Living Room

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It goes without saying that Autumn is my favourite season. There's something about the crunchy leaves, the changing colours and the excuse to wear cosy knits everyday that just brings a smile to my face. If there's one thing that I could say brings me the biggest amount of joy it's got to be decorating and after finally tracking down some last minute bits, I feel like my living room is now complete. 

My living room is the area I spend most of my time in especially when it comes to unwinding and relaxing at the end of the day. Our fireplace definitely creates the perfect starting point for building a cosy scene, where I can add piles of pumpkins, candles and decorative ornaments like ghosts and candlesticks. 

In October, I tend to transform my reading nook into a spooky corner with hanging witches hats overhead, but for now, I've opted for a Autumn Wreath which I thought added colour (and more pumpkins!) to the area nicely. My statement chair, which is usually accessorised with a sequin studded cushion has been replaced with a Velvet Bat Cushion (similar to the one linked) which I think adds an early Halloween feel without being too OTT. 

Talking of my fireplace, if you're looking for a Free Standing Log Burner then I'd definitely recommend going for it as I've had mine for several years and I love it when the weather gets colder. I like to compliment it even further by adding some Delicate Fairy Lights which are my favourite addition when it gets dark as all I have to do is turn them on and light a couple of candles to get the ultimate cosy feel. 

Keeping with the bat theme, the Self Adhesive Bats have made a comeback this year and I will never get over how cute they look around my mirror. I've made it my mission to keep adding little details like this throughout my home as it fills out areas the more bare areas around my house. This Pumpkin Garland is a great example of a super versatile pieces as there's a variety of places you can put them - why not even try them vertically as well. 

Sometimes, the simplest decor is the most effective and in my case I tend to go by my own motto - if in doubt, add more pumpkins! I like to add to my stash throughout the season, especially after going pumpkin picking when I can showcase my loot around my fireplace. 

In terms of my sofa, I've convinced myself that despite not needing anymore blankets this year, I did need a little refresh when it came to cushions. I picked up a Plaid Cushion (similar to the one linked) which I think was a great option as I haven't got anything like it, plus it adds colour to this rather plain area. I also have this Ghost Cushion which I think is super cute and it contrasts my Velvet Mustard Cushions well. 

Do you decorate your living room for Autumn? 

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