Friday 10 September 2021

Early Autumn Outfit Ideas

Early Autumn Fall Outfit Ideas

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I cannot believe it's taken me until now to share my favourite early Autumn outfit finds as I have been looking through and saving a bunch of pieces for some time now. If you enjoy checkered prints, mustard hues and cosy knits, then keep on reading because I'm going to be your biggest enabler. 

Tops + Jumpers

If there's one thing I'm lusting after at the moment it's the Pumpkin Patch Graphic Tee. I think it'd look great tucked into a skirt or just worn casually with jeans - plus it's very seasonal and adorable! Keeping with the Halloween theme, I spotted this Wake Me Up When Its October Tee and I think it's totally up my street and perfect for casual October styling.  

Skirts + Dresses

Checked skirts in Autumn totally have my heart as they're super easy to wear and when it gets colder, all you have to do is add a thick pair of tights to turn it into a Winter appropriate outfit. This Brown Heritage Check Skirt is perfect for an Autumn wardrobe and I feel like it can be worn casually or smartened up. 

If you want to go all out, then I would recommend checking out Modcloth as they often have pieces like this Halloween Sweater Dress which is a great quirky addition to your wardrobe if you're looking for something different this season. 

Coats + Jackets

Although I may be a little premature when it comes to needing a jacket or a coat, the season will come around quickly and I want to make sure I'm prepared. Usually the good ones go pretty quickly, so for the time being I am keeping my eye out for a Checked Shacket like this one or a borg jacket so I can live my Gilmore Girl dreams. 


I've got to admit I probably get the most joy out of shopping for the accessories to add to my outfits. I love finding a chunky pair of boots that I know will go with every outfit and a new pair of Halloween socks! Scarf shopping is also something I love to do and this ASOS Oversized Square Scarf is a great find as I love the different colours that make it up, so I know this would be great with any outfit. 

Something I buy every year is a pair of Polka Dot Tights. I'm not sure why this simple addition to an outfit can make a big difference, but I love them when I'm wearing an all black outfit and to add some warmth once it gets colder. 

I have been eyeing up these Maple Leaf Earrings and I think I'm going to make the plunge soon because I can see myself being super extra with these! 


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