Thursday 3 June 2021

The Joy of Living Seasonally

The Joy of Living Seasonally
Living seasonally is nothing new to me, but in the past few years I have truly embraced it. In a nutshell it is all about understanding and accepting the seasons as they come, indulging in the changing environments that go on around us and feeling influenced by nature's patterns

My journey with seasonal living can be traced back to as early as my school years, yet that doesn't mean that I haven't struggled since. When I was under ten years old I vividly remember every April getting a wild garlic scent waft throughout our classrooms from the woodland nearby and getting excited when September rolled around and the colours changed from green to brown. When I reached my teens and into my early twenties, I lusted after the warmer and longer days of Spring, yet resented long hot Summers that would soon approach. I would often get what I classed as "the Summer blues" which many people didn't understand. I thought that my pessimistic approach would last forever, but over the past few Summers, the last one in particular, my mindset truly changed for good. I was never going to take a season for granted ever again and it honestly felt like I was discovering Summer for the first time! 

As someone who's always been a fan of Autumn in all it's glory, when I started to appreciate all the seasons, I truly felt like all my senses were heightened and I felt like I was truly living within those few months of a season, rather than just lusting after the next. I learnt a lot about each season as I went because I was taking notice of everything around me. When before I knew that the likes of Wisteria and Cherry blossom meant 'Spring', now I could tell you when you expect them to bloom. Although time still passes in a blink of an eye, I take time to appreciate the changes every single day. After reading this article from Back Road Bloom, I started to see the seasons in "five senses" more, noticing the bird sounds of Spring, the touch of freshly cut grass underneath my feet and scents of different homely cooking when out on a Winter walk. Here are three ways I live seasonally: 
The Joy of Living Seasonally

Eating Seasonally 

By no stretch of the imagination am I perfect at this, but I have been trying to get better at knowing what produce is best at what time. Not only does it mean your food can taste even better, it can inspire you to cook new meals. I love cooking a roast with parsnips, potatoes brussels sprouts, all which are at their best in January and February, but when Spring rolls around, I no  longer crave cosy, warm food and instead opt for lighter flavours and more colour. This has meant I feel happier with what I'm eating and I've fallen out of the cycle of eating food until I'm bored of it, then never eating it again. Plus in Autumn, there's a perfect excuse to bake a blackberry and apple pie! 

Dressing Seasonally 

I've gone through quite the change when it comes to my personal style and it's made the biggest difference, but it may not be in the way you thought. I've always given myself a hard time to create a wardrobe that would work twelve months of the year. A Summer dress that can work with tights? Sign me up! 

Wrong. It really uninspired me with style and gave my confidence a knock too. I would spend the warm months in a thick dress, wondering why I didn't feel myself and then wishing the hot weather away so I could feel good again. Then I had a revelation and did something many people reading this will already be doing, I split my wardrobe into two. I stopped the guilt of feeling like having to have a wardrobe that worked all year around and instead filled it with Summer dresses that made me feel good and cosy knits that I could bundle up in. It meant that I could experiment with my style again, choosing what I felt was right for the season. Cottagecore in the Spring and then dark academia in the Winter - what could be better! 

Celebrate Each Season 

The way I visually show that I celebrate each season is through my Instagram. The photographs I capture often emulate the season we're passing through. In Autumn, I focus on the rich browns and oranges, whilst in Winter I take inspiration from the dreary, rainy days and embody that in my work. This keeps me inspired as I'm always looking at fresh and new ideas, whilst it no longer feels like I'm constantly longing for the season that I find easiest to get creative inspiration from. 

Celebrations occur throughout all the seasons, but they don't always have to be a certain date in the diary. I love to recognise the first fallen leaf, the first time I see apples on the tree and first bunch of peonies I see in the shop. I tend to decorate my home depending on whatever season I'm in too, taking inspiration from the sights and smells that occur during that particular month. For me personally, I decorate for Halloween and Christmas, but I also like to take time out throughout the year to celebrate, for example the Summer Solstice. 

Do you enjoy living season to season? 

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