Tuesday 15 June 2021

How To Create The Perfect Summer Picnic

How To Create The Perfect Summer Picnic

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Picnic season is officially here and with the warm weather we're having at the moment, now is the perfect time to get your picnic blanket out and spend the evening eating all the best snacks. Whilst, I absolutely love a spontaneous trip and I'm happy to sit on the grass eating a sandwich, today's blog post is all about creating the 'ultimate' picnic this Summer - think all the cottage core aesthetics! 

Choose The Best Food 

I mean it goes without saying that the most important part of the picnic is the food. I personally enjoy picky dinner bits like vegan sausage rolls, humous and crisps to make up my 'main meal' followed by something homemade. If you're in a large group of people and have enough hands to carry it, I think a Victoria Sponge is a great option especially when topped with fresh strawberries and cream. I also think Jammy Dodger blondies or Oreo brownies go down a treat too if you're limited with space. Here are some other picnic food ideas too: 

- Caprese sandwich 
- Picnic eggs and mini sausages 
- Broccoli and cheese quiche 
- A cold pasta salad
- Focaccia and olive oil/balsamic dip
- Bulgar wheat salad 
- Eton mess
- Mini apple pies 

I bought a picnic basket many years ago now (this gingham one is super similar!) and it was one of my best purchases as it stores everything I need it in, plus it looks adorable too! For covering the ground, I currently use an old white bed sheet as I find it comfortable and looks great too, but I've been eyeing up a couple of new outdoor blanket options like this linen mix throw. 
How To Create The Perfect Summer Picnic

Pick The Right Location 

I'll take a picnic in the garden if I can, but for the ultimate 'aesthetic' picnic I'll take it on a grassy hill looking out over the sunset. I personally like to find secret spots that aren't occupied by large groups of people and if there's a tree to create some shade, that's even better!

With Summer upon us, many flower fields are opening up like lavender and sunflowers, most of which are allowing you to bring a picnic in, so definitely keep that in mind if you want to up your picnic game. Equally, I love to visit my local walking trials which often have picnic areas surrounded by swaying trees filled with birds and flower bushes humming with bees. 

Add On The Extras

Although a picnic can just exist of food and an area in which to eat it in, over the past few years I have been added some extras to take my picnic to the next level. A portable bluetooth speaker is always a great option especially if you're with other people and want to create an ambience, but if you're on your own, I personally love to bring a book - my picnic go-to is a Wordsworth Edition book

If you've got items that you want to make sure are kept cool then you may not want to solely rely on your picnic basket and instead opt for something like this Insulated Cooler that also acts as a seat. 

Although it's definitely not a necessity, I do loving having a Summer outfit perfect for picnicking ready. I enjoy flowy dresses or skirts with lace and broderie details if possible. I have picked out some of my favourite top picks below: 

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