Saturday 26 June 2021

Places To Visit On North Cornwall and Devon's Coast

Port Isaac Cornwall

Port Isaac Cornwall

If you're planning to have a staycation in the UK this year, I would 100% recommend moving Cornwall and Devon high up on your list to explore. With pretty towns and scenic coastlines, there's a lot on offer, but it can feel a little overwhelming when narrowing down where to go. I personally recommend the north coast, where you can explore parts of Cornwall and Devon in one trip. Here are five of my recommendations: 

Port Isaac, Cornwall 

This picturesque harbour was high up on my to-visit list as it's got one of the most iconic views of quaint houses and boats in the harbour. If you haven't seen Port Isaac all over your Instagram feed, then you may notice it from Doc Martin, the ITV TV show. It's steep and narrow hills makes for an idyllic afternoon exploring, where you can stop for vegan fish and chips at The Mote and head up Roscarrock Hill afterwards for the best views of the village. In an ideal scenario I would have actually come back before the end of my trip as I loved it so much.

- The Mote Restaurant (for the best vegan fish and chips!)
- Head up Roscarrock Hill for the best views. 
- Explore Port Garverne which is the next village. 

Clovelly Devon Instagrammable

Clovelly Devon Instagrammable

Clovelly, Devon 

Now we're heading over to Devon and Clovelly, often described as one of UK's most Instagrammable places, was next of the list. The steep walk down (and back up!) the cobbled street may not be for everyone, but once you get to Clovelly Quay at the bottom it'll all be worth it. The streets are lined with shops and tea rooms, as well as cottages that people live in. Absolutely magical, so don't let the entrance fee put you off. 

- Visit early in the day or near closing time for less crowds. 
- Wear comfortable shoes as the cobbles can be hard on your feet.
- Stop off for afternoon tea - a must! 

Tintagel Castle Cornwall

Tintagel Castle Cornwall

Tintagel Castle Cornwall Merlin's Cave

Tintagel Castle, Cornwall

Tintagel Castle and the surrounding village is definitely not one to miss if you're in this part of the world. Although Tintagel Castle is quite costly as far as entrance fees go, I was very happy that it didn't disappoint. Not only do you get to explore the castle itself (and get the famous door photo!), you're also allowed to explore Merlin's Cave and it's beach below. The trek up to the castle and 140 steps down isn't for the faint hearted, but if you've got an afternoon free then I'd definitely recommend checking it out. 

- Go to the toilet before your visit, it's at the bottom of the hill and is quite the walk back up. 
- Merlin's Cave is underneath the bridge on the exit from the castle - not one to miss!
- Tintagel Old Post Office in the village is a cute building to check out. 

Welcombe Mouth Beach, Devon

I discovered Welcombe beach on the whim, whilst on the quest to find dramatic scenery and caves to explore in. We arrived pretty early in the morning with promises that there would be a waterfall and I was super happy to find a way to have a paddle. I took a wander onto the stony beach which looked like a scene straight out of Game of Thrones, before taking a refreshing dip in the picturesque waterfall. It's definitely a beach to add to the list if you want somewhere away from crowds.  

Speke Mill Mouth, Devon 

I knew that I wanted to go exploring on our trip and the Speke Mill Mouth waterfall, along the Hartland Heritage Coast was top of the list. It look us thirty minutes from the carpark to get to the waterfall itself, but then we decided to wander off to have an explore of the beach below and the rolling hills. It was a pretty knackering morning hike, but was totally worth it for the views! 

- Wear comfy shoes - it's a bit of a trek! 
- Hartland Abbey is nearby if you want to extend your visit. 


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