Wednesday 26 May 2021

Etsy Cottage Core Shops To Check Out

Cottagecore Etsy Shops
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It's becoming a tradition to share my favourite Etsy finds every time the season changes. I'm constantly looking through Etsy to find some pieces for my home and wardrobe, but I know that with so much on offer it can be a little overwhelming. Today I have focused on the theme of 'Cottagecore', an aesthetic that focuses on countryside life with woodland and cosy aspects. If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, then read on! 

If you follow me on Instagram or Tik Tok then you'll know that I have been incorporating the Cottagecore aesthetic into my home, showcasing my personality more with each and every piece I add. This Peach Fruit Print is similar to my giant orange print that I have in my living room, but I think this would be a great addition to my kitchen especially for Summer. Also by EmilieDrawsThings, I spotted that she has a British Wildflower Print that I think is so adorable for the bedroom. 

Sticking to the print theme, I really like this PeachesandBees Herbology Art Print that definitely deserves to be framed for everyone to see. I imagine it'd be a great gift if you know somebody who is into baking or even Harry Potter. Another gift idea I have is this Whimsical Woodland Fairy Ring Coaster which is absolutely delightful and will be going straight onto my wishlist (already!) for my birthday. 

I was very lucky and got my Vintage Ceramic Soup Mug from a charity shop, but with them being coveted by many they are actually hard to get your hands on. Binny's Retro is currently selling quite a few of them in different vegetable designs, so definitely check their shop out if you're interested. To go in my mug I have been eyeing up this Brass Star Tea Infuser as I have a quite a few loose teas now that needs something like this - plus it's celestial so it gets a thumbs up from me. 
Etsy Cottagecore Shops

When I think of Cottagecore fashion on Etsy, there are two names that spring to mind, Son De Flor and Little Women Atelier. They both have an amazing linen dresses in a range of different styles that will cater to everyone's style and colour preferences. I've been looking at treating myself to one of their dresses for some time, the Meg Dress looks so cute as does the Mustard Peter Pan Collar Dress. Maybe this Summer I will finally take the plunge, but it's definitely one you should check out if you're looking into Cottagecore fashion. 

Continuing with the fashion, I wanted to talk about Cottagecore outfit accessories next. First up I have to talk about the LuLou Store because I'm unbelievably smitten with everything they offer - the Strawberry Earrings are a must, but the Mushroom Toadstool Earrings also have my heart. If you enjoy the woodland theme, then these Pinecone Earrings (yes you read that right!) are also absolutely adorable and will no doubt be a head turner. 

Oversized scrunchies are all the rage at the moment, so I was pleased to stumble across the ShopHoneyClothing which has a bunch of different styles and designs. They're such a statement piece and this blush Pink Satin Scrunchie would go perfectly with all my floaty Summery dresses. If you're more into headscarves then I would recommend checking out HiteyTitey which is a dreamy Etsy shop selling bandanas, oversized collars and even face masks in gorgeous Liberty prints which really embody the Cottagecore aesthetic. This Daisy Print Headscarf is currently on my wishlist! 

Have you found any Cottagecore pieces on Etsy recently? 

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