Wednesday 13 May 2020

Styling A Coffee Table For Spring

Styling A Coffee Table
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Throughout Winter, I styled my coffee table with a round piece of wood, a trinket dish and  a couple of faux tree accents and although I loved it, it didn't feel like it fit with my new Spring home decor. I decided to switch it up, putting away the wooden tray until the Autumn and instead replacing it with this rattan offering that I found whilst scouring the internet. Today I thought I'd share with you how I prefer to style my coffee table, as well as sharing with you some of my future interior plans for the rest of the season and into Summer. 

I knew that I wanted to add difference accessories, so I started with the big agate bookend that I've had not doing much on my bookshelves. This paired with my rose quartz creates a dreamy pairing as the green and pink compliment each other. I then tend to dot my trinkets around if I need somewhere to store lighters for my candles or hair clips that I've taken out. 

Candles are a must for me, but when the days start to get warmer I tend to forget about them. As I've been enjoying cosy evenings more, I like having one to hand so that I can light them when I please. I've been swapping it out during the day time however for my reed diffuser which fills the room with a delicious geranium, cedar wood and eucalyptus scent. 

One element of Spring I always look forward to is that I can have an excuse to have fresh flowers dotted around the house and my coffee table is always main priority as it's one of the first things you see when you come into my home. I have a chunky Kilner jar that I like to use, but sometimes I opt for a slimmer vase and prop it up on a book for height. 

Now onto the new home decor plans that I wanted to talk about and it's all about a corner of the room that you've probably never seen before. It's by my big open window which is where I take my flatlays and blog beauty photographs so even though I need to keep half of the space free, I thought I'd dress up the other half to look cosy and cute. 

I'm going to be putting a miniature step ladder then to place a handful of houseplants and a Himalayan Salt Lamp on there to create soft, warm lighting. The houseplants that I've been eyeing up are the Syngonium Arrow and Monstera Adansonii. Above it I would like a statement shelf with trinkets on, then to the right I'm going to go a hanging macrame planter. On the floor I want a rattan footstool even though a floor cushion or this Shearling Boo Cushion is my dream option. 

Have you got any interior plans coming up? 

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