Tuesday 12 May 2020

5 Things I've Achieved In Lockdown

I've taken a little time away from posting on the blog, so I can replenish my post ideas and plan a few exciting ones to come. Today I thought I'd look back on what I've learnt throughout lockdown as I've been trying to keep busy where I can. That being said, it's totally okay if the only new thing you've achieved is watching that ten series box set like myself, it's perfectly okay to not feel productive or motivated during this uncertain time. 

Learnt More About Houseplants | At the start of lockdown, I treated myself to some new houseplants and took it upon myself to learn more about them all. I'd already had a little collection, but with it ever-growing, I knew that I needed to know more about what type of plants like what sunlight and how often they need watering/fertilising. I feel like I've got my routine down for the 12+ plants I own now, so now I'm starting to look at picking up a few more. 

Explored More Hair Braid Styles | Last Summer, I gave myself the task of learning how to french braid my hair after years of begging other people to do it for me and I surprised myself with how fast I picked it up. I thought now was the perfect time to turn my hand to a few hair styles I'd seen on Pinterest and get practising. I love the hair up, hair down do I did last week where I paired it with baby's breath for a dreamy look!  

I Set Up A Tik Tok | Who would have thought I'd be setting up a Tik Tok during lockdown, but here we are. Even though I'm not sure I'll be doing dances on there anytime soon, I've loved using it as an extension of my blog and Instagram, sharing daily cosy videos, home decor and recipe posts too. I was surprised how quickly my videos have got traction and just how many followers I've gained in the last couple of weeks, you can follow "Pint Sized Beauty" on there now! 

Started Baking Bread | I think everybody has been baking banana bread and sourdough over the last six weeks and I've loved seeing it. I've always turned to baking when I'm feeling stressed, so instead of just sticking to the classics and sweet desserts, I challenged myself to bake some bread for the first time in years. I'm now obsessed and I've loved sharing my loafs to have throughout the week. 

Practised Nail Art | I'm not going to pretend and say my nails have always been in tip-top condition, as a teenager I relied heavily on fake nails and in my early 20's I've just been mostly a 2 layers and go type of girl. Pinterest definitely heavily influenced as I've been practising my galaxy nail design and geometric prints. 

Have you learnt anything during lockdown? 

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