Sunday 24 May 2020

A Full Houseplant Tour

Satin Pothos Devils Ivy and Watermelon Peperomia
Jade Plant String of Hearts and Variegated Rubber Plant
Living Room Pinterest Decor Houseplants
A few weeks ago, I shared a snippet of my houseplant collection and got an overwhelming amount of messages asking for a full blog post on them. I definitely want to do more houseplant focused round ups including my top tips as well as sharing my favourites as I think it'd be very informative to those wanting to own more and knowing which ones are the best to get. You may need to grab yourself some snacks as this is a super long post, but it's worth it - I promise! 

In my living room, we have my Monstera Deliciosa or as it's commonly known, the Swiss cheese plant. It sits in it's nursery pot inside a rattan basket which is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. As my living room is super long, this particular spot relies heavily on the sun it gets from my kitchen window. That being said, this plant has thrived here, surviving a fire in my home last Summer and being forgotten about a couple of times watering wise. 

The other plant that lives in this section of my living room is my Devil's Ivy also known as a golden pothos. As people said it was super easy to care for and almost impossible to kill, I knew that I had to have it and I hope that it grows thick, luscious vines that can start trialling around my home. At the moment I'd have to say it's in my top three favourite plants as I've loved watching it grow and get new leaves each week! 

I've got some new plans for a corner in my house to be filled with plants, a new shelf and a reading nook, but whilst I wait to collect all the items I need for that, I've been putting together a list of houseplants I want to fill the spot. The Watermelon Peperomia was high up on the list and when I saw it'd come back in stock, I snapped it up. It's one that I would recommend not buying online however, as mine and I've heard others, often come a little damaged, so if you like a look of this dreamy plant then I'd recommend waiting to scour your local garden centre. 
Book shelf houseplants crosley radio player
Kitchen Kilner jar organiser  spider plant
hoya carnosa compact print gallery wall
Another plant I picked up ready for that corner of my living room was the Satin Pothos. Currently it's trialling down from my book shelf which I have to admit I really like and it seems to enjoy the light there too. When I got it, I didn't realise how much I'd love that it was already in full size and it's made me lust after more plants of this size so I can drape them in my bedroom and low light corners too! 

Hanging up over my sofa, I have the Hoya Carnosa Compacta which is one of the most interesting plants I've ever owned. It's so perfect looking that it looks fake as each leaf is thick and rubber-like. It's a slow grower, so if you want a houseplant that gives out lots of new growth regularly then this plant won't be for you. It's pretty low maintenance, but I'd say you just need to keep an eye on the top of the plant as it's known to get a little thin if it's not been given enough light there. 

The only plant I have in my bathroom right now is the Boston Fern, a temperamental houseplant that I would only recommend to those who have the patience and experience. It likes to be kept in a humid environment and if you want to keep it alive, it needs to be kept thoroughly watered. I was having a fair few problems with it, but as the weather has got warmer and we're taking more showers, it's started to look bushy and happy again which is great to see. 
ikea full length mirror urban outfitters home decor and houseplants
string of hearts houseplant
In my bedroom, I have a fair few plants in there, the Jade Plant sits on my shelf with my String of Hearts and they both seem to enjoy their spots. The Jade Plant is pretty simple to look after, it likes it's soil dry and it grows at a minimal rate, so you know it won't outgrow a spot in rapid time. The String of Hearts is a lot faster growing, but as it trials down and doesn't take up too much space, it can be moved around the home with ease. It's one of my favourites and I definitely think I could easily own more than one of these. 

It's only been recently that I found a permanent spot for my Heart Leaf Philodendron as it's finally hanging in my macrame planter. Since it's been there it's a lot more happier and has started creating new leaves and vines, so I reckon this will be a lot bigger plant by the end of Summer. 

I've had lots of plants in my gold standing planter over the years and a lot of them have gone to plant heaven. The Variegated Rubber Plant has stuck around the longest and I think it's because it likes the conditions, however it's not thriving as it has not shown any growth, so much so that I had to double check I hadn't unknowingly got a fake plant. I'll be looking for a new place to put it in the upcoming months and maybe a replacement in that spot too! 

I'm currently hanging my Chinese Money Plant up in a Sass and Belle Planter and despite being worried that the twine won't hold the weight, I'm absolutely obsessed with the way it looks. It's another plant that I would happily own multiples of as I find the disc shaped leaves striking and it gives me out a couple new leaves every week at the moment - incredible! 
chinese money plant in sass and belle planterbedroom polka dot bedding pinterest
Moving onto the kitchen and I have several plants that currently live here. I keep my basil, coriander and sunflower on my ledge as it's always super sunny, so I find this promotes the most growth. In the corner of my kitchen, I keep my propagation station there, but it's on my shelves with my Kilner storage and spice jars that is where the magic happens. The Spider Plant lives amongst my flour and sugar as it always brightens up my mornings seeing it; I can't wait for it to eventually grow babies which I know will be a few more years to come. 

I wasn't planning on getting the Mistletoe Cactus, but when I saw it I couldn't leave the shop without it. It's only been a little while since I got it, but so far it's liking the sunny corner that I've sat it in. It'd be a great plant for those of you who like low maintenance plants, but want something a little more unique to look at than your standard cactus. 

The Snake Plant has gone in and out of my wishlist for some time, but I stumbled across this beast for a good price and I couldn't say no. It's great for low light places in your house and it's pretty good if you forget to water your plants. In terms of watching it grow, you won't see lots of change in this plant for some time as it's a slow grower. 

Another plant I swore I wouldn't get was the Alocasia Polly as I've never really liked the way it looked online and felt like it didn't have a place in my home, however once I saw it in person, I snapped it up. I got it for just over £7 which was a steal and so far so good as I've been keeping it in a place with dappled light and making sure I don't overwater it. 

If there's one plant I regret buying it's the Florida Cactus also known as a Fairytale Cactus as I just feel like I don't get on with cacti and succulents as well as the more leafy, fast growing plants like pothos'. It's quite a full plant, so I feel even more anxious watering it than I would a normal cactus. 

What houseplants do you own? What are your favourites? 

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