Saturday 2 May 2020

Finding The Perfect Prints For Your Home

 - This post is a paid collaboration with Desenio, but all thoughts are my own. -

Now that Spring has rolled around, it's the perfect time to refresh my home and Spring clean in the process. Alongside rearranging my home decor and adding house plants in sparse places, I've also been updating my prints especially the print walls in my bedroom and living room. Desenio once again came to the rescue and although it was a task to narrow down the ones I wanted to add, I just can't wait to share what I picked up with you. 

I shared a snippet of one of the corners in my living room and I couldn't believe how many people messaged about this Orange Illustration Poster. I got in the biggest 50x70cm size and it's a statement in my home that I didn't think I needed. It adds a pop of colour to a usually quite dark area and it also fills a space that I've been meaning to fill for a while. Next to it, I have placed the Be Kind Poster in the 21x30cm size which contrasts the other one perfectly and I love the ombre text effect too. One of the best things about shopping with Desenio is that you can easily pick a frame in the colour, style and size you want when you're shopping for prints, so you can get them up on the wall in no time! 
Moving onto the gallery wall and although I decided to keep two prints the same as I just love the Monstera Three and Pink Sky Poster due to the gold, pink and green details, I thought that it needed a spruce up anyway. As soon as I saw the Vintage Flowers Two Poster I knew I had to have it as it's just so dreamy to miss and then I spotted the Vintage Print Collection No6 Poster and knew that they'd be the perfect duo for my wall. The latter is great as it's in landscape and the 30x40cm size fits the space just right. 

If you're unsure on what your gallery wall will look like or if your prints would match, I can recommend using their gallery wall tool which is super easy and effective to use, so you can create a variety of versions before you decide on the final pieces. 

I've clearly got a thing for fruit at the moment as when I saw the Sunkissed Peaches Poster my eyes lit up and I knew exactly where I wanted it to go. It adds muted greens and pinks to my living room which compliments the other prints on the wall, whilst still giving me room to update it in the future. Then to finish off, I replace my two smallest prints with the Boob Drawing and the Cactus Corner which I both got in 13x18cm, so they're small and adorable.  
Aside from the orange print I mentioned early, the Three Leopards Poster that I've put in my bedroom is definitely a favourite of mine too. The pink adds a pop of colour whilst the leopards add a nice texture and pattern to a rather plain area. 

Upstairs I knew I wanted to incorporate from colour into my gallery wall, removing monochrome and replacing it with pink and beige tones. The first print I picked out was the Abstract Terracotta which has a variety of pink and gold accents that compliment the other Shapes and Faces Print I choose too. Although I've got my eye on another print, I thought that I'd x up the colour by adding the Lunar Hands which is mostly white and gold and still incorporates the moon phases that I love. 

What do you think of the Desenio prints I picked? 

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