Sunday 5 January 2020

What I Got For Christmas 2019

What I Got For Christmas 2019
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I haven't done a what I got for Christmas blog post in a couple of years, but they're some of my favourite posts to read this time of the year. I know it's a little late, but I knew that I wanted to share as I love looking back at my presents over the years as well as giving me inspiration for what to treat myself to next. 

First up, I got a pair of Harry Potter tour tickets for March and I'm so excited to head back to the studios because it's one of the most magical places to see how much work went into the films and there's a few new instalments that I'm yet to see yet. Another experience gift I got was a pair of iFly Indoor Sky Diving tickets which is super exciting and I can't wait to book our date to go flying. 

On my wishlist was a lot of jewellery and I'm was happy to receive some gorgeous gold pieces on the 25th. Missoma was definitely one of my favourite places and I got their Star Gold Bracelet, a set of Gold Helical Hoops and Mini Fang Necklace, but unfortunately I need to return the latter due to sizing issues so I'm going to getting something in replacement. On the theme of jewellery, I also got the Astrid and Miyu Gem Moon Barbell which will be going into a new piercing I'm planning on getting in a couple of weeks time. 
What I Got For Christmas 2019
I was kindly gifted an ASOS voucher to treat myself to some new pieces, I've started shopping already, but I've got lots on my saved page. My friend Hannah kindly picked out some Slytherin Harry Potter socks and a candle which are two perfect picks for a cosy evening in! My other friend Emma, picked out a gorgeous faux croc brown handbag which I've been wearing since I got it in early December. 

It's not often I get gadgets for Christmas, but I got two to play around with this year. The first being the Fitbit Inspire HR which will be perfect for tracking my workouts for running, biking and snowboarding too. The other gadget is an Amazon Echo which I'm yet to decide where to put it in my home, but I know I want it somewhere that I'll get the most use out of it - either in the bedroom or kitchen I think! 

Lastly, I was given two products from the Marks and Spencer Restore range, their diffuser and hand wash. Both of these smell delightful and are reminiscent of the famous Aesop scent too, they're strong and linger in whatever room you put them in and I think they'll be a repurchase of mine to come. 

What did you get for Christmas this year? 

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