Saturday 18 January 2020

20 Things To Do This Winter

Things To Do This Winter
Winter is officially in full swing and with Christmas now over, I feel like everyone may need a little pick me up as we have a couple of months left until the weather gets warmer and the evenings lighter. Just like the festive season, Halloween and the Autumn months that came before them, I want to fully embrace Winter this year and although it can be a little gloomy and chilly, I wanted to share with you my seasonal to-do list. 

- Enjoy the frosty mornings. Head out for an early walk just as the sun rises and wrap up warm. 

- Book a snowy holiday. I've already been on ours, but that hasn't stopped me from wanting to book another one or even a city break. 

- Have a duvet day. Think lots of snacks, not moving from the sofa and your favourite films to feel super cosy. 

- Bake some tasty treats. I feel like when it's cold outside all I want to do is eat something cosy and warming. I think I need to try out a veggie pie and crumble over the next couple of months. 

- Read a new book. If you're a slower reader or just getting into it, pick a book you've always wanted to read or if you're more of a regular, pick out a handful of books that have been on your pile to make your way through. 

- Make the most of TV show season. I feel like there's so many TV series being released including drama mysteries - perfect for sitting down in the evening with. 

- Treat yourself to some new Winter fashion pieces. I'm not the best person when it comes to colder fashion as I tend to rotate the coats I own and stick on a pair of jeans, but I want to check out some new styles. 

- Take up a new activity. I've thrown myself back into fitness as I find that it helps me sleep better in the evening and boost my motivation too. Now is the perfect time to take that class you think you'd enjoy, go for a quick run or even learn yoga through YouTube. 

- Reintroduce Hygge into your life. The buzzword of 2016 was Hygge and I want to bring it back. Playing games with loved ones in the evenings, putting on a fresh set of warm PJ's and gathering around the fire. 

- Make a plan for Spring. One of the best things I do every year is to start my January off with a plan for the next few months including the start of Spring. I like having something to look forward to whether it's a birthday, a day out or a holiday. 
- Enjoy slower days and weekends. Post-Christmas everyone seems to go a bit slower and although it can be a little overwhelming with all the "new year, new you" stuff about, I think I'm going to prioritise enjoying the slow pace. 

- Get crafty. Finally finish or even start that scrapbook you've been meaning to put together. Go out and take photographs for the day or even stay in and learn how to knit or cross-stitch. 

- Head to a cosy pub for the evening preferably with a fire. Make it your end goal at the end of a long walk or day out. 

- Give yourself a pamper. Now is the perfect time to embrace the colder evenings, soaking in a steaming hot bubble bath with candles and a face mask on. 

- Organise your wardrobe and have a clear out. I've been meaning to donate or sell some of the clothes I no longer wear, but it's my beauty storage that needs re-arranging the most as I have lots of out of date products that need chucking out. 

- Add lots of greenery to your home. I think I want a cosy cabin feel to my house for the next couple of months including lots of rattan and warm wooden accents, but plants still have a massive impact on how I feel about my environment. I love trailing indoor greenery in my living room, bedroom and kitchen for a pick me up! What's your favourite?  

- Eat all the fruit and veggies. Make sure you get them into your diet, creating new recipes as you go and even visit the local farmers market to pick the freshest and give yourself some inspiration as you go. 

- Embrace Valentine's Day. I was never a huge Valentine's Day fan, but as Winter is so miserable and dull, it's nice to have something to look forward to and an excuse to have a date night with either a loved one, family or your friends. 

- Challenge yourself to drink 2 litres of water a day. I'm pretty good at this, but I know that even I can get out the habit of hydrating myself when the weather is colder outside. 

- Explore your local city. Head to a new place, wander around your own town or visit your nearest city to see new faces, eat lots of food and maybe find a new favourite place. 

What's on your Winter to-do list? 

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