Wednesday 8 January 2020

5 Ways To Tackle Your January Slump

5 Ways To Tackle Your January Slump
The first three months of the year are always tough on my motivation and working from home makes it even harder as it gets dark by the afternoon and I find myself with a lack of inspiration. Today, I wanted to not only share my top tips for working from home during January whether it's full time or leisurely as well as my other favourite ways to tackle the New Year slump. 

A leg stretch in the morning | It's nothing groundbreaking, but I feel like I need to get moving again now that the Quality Street tub has been put away for another year. This isn't just fitness motivated, but I find getting out and about for even a walk or a bicycle ride helps me have a clearer head, I sleep better and I feel refreshed as well. 

Organising the next few months | I'm not sure about the New Year, but I can often feel overwhelmed with the pressure to make the most of the fresh start. I want to start with simply planning on my new few months in my diary, putting in important dates that I can't forget as well as lightly drafting some upcoming blog posts and Instagram photos. 

Embrace the cosy evenings | In the Autumn and the run up to Christmas I absolutely love cosy evenings in with festive or scary films, but I get pretty impatient come January as I am usually just lusting after Spring then. I want to embrace Winter a little more this year in as many ways as I can as I think this will boost my mood and motivation overall. I think working all day, but then having a book or TV series with fairy lights and the fire on will help me feel like I have a little joy to look forward to at the end of the day. 

Clean and rearrange my house | This is the first year that I can hand on heart say I didn't want to take my Christmas tree down, I feel like it's really spruced up my living room and even my bedroom had a little makeover. Due to this festive shaped hole in my life and nothing for another 9 months or so to decorate for, I want to pick up some new homeware pieces to decorate with and clean my house top to bottom to make it feel sparkling again. 

Find a new podcast | One of my favourite ways to get motivated is putting on a new podcast on to listen whilst I work. I know this isn't for everybody as others may find it harder to concentrate, but I enjoy it as I feel like I'm having human interaction whilst I'm working. 

What are your favourite ways to get on the January slump? 

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