Thursday 19 September 2019

12 Instagram Accounts To Follow This Autumn

With a sea of creators to choose from, Instagram can be a minefield when it comes to finding who to follow. This post has been a long time coming, so I thought now was the perfect time to share 12 of my current favourite Instagrammers that I think you should check out. 

Noelle Downing | Noelle's feed has been a favourite since last Autumn and I've fallen more and more in love with it every time she posts. It's so great to follow somebody who has a similar body type to me and her orange tones in her photographs are so beautiful too. I'm the self-proclaimed queen of Autumn, but Noelle is for sure the queen of Fall!

Rachel Martino | Rachel's '#rachrecreates' is one of the most creative Instagrammers I've followed because although no photoshop is used, every image is magical. Alongside these type of photographs, she also shares her outfits and travels, which are all right up my street. 

India Moon | India enticed me into her Instagram by her feed theme if I'm completely honest. She shares outfits in threes, using different angles and poses for each photograph. I'm always so influenced to buy the clothes she wears as they're always so well put together. 

Josephines Looks | It shocks me every time I see that Josephine has under 10k followers because she deserves so many more. Her outfits are impeccable and she looks incredible in every single photo she shares. Her IGTV where she shares different ways to wear an outfit is my favourite as it's come in handful a few times! 

Styled By Chloe | Not only has Chloe got a gorgeous feed, she's so lovely and friendly too - a great plus! As a midsize girl myself, I love having Chloe there for style inspiration as each one of her outfits looks put together, but casual in one go. I've been with her for a long time now and it's been amazing watching her grow - watch this space because I know she'll get big on Insta! 

The Kitty Luxe | I mean... just look at Holly's feed. Most of my saved section on Instagram is full up of her outfits that I want to recreate and despite posting daily, she always find new ways to shoot her style with various poses and angles. You can tell just how hard Holly works on her grid and it definitely shows. 

Francesca Perks | If I could move into Francesca's home then that would be great because not only would it mean I could raid her wardrobe, I could live in a mustard coloured heaven. I'm so proud to see how well she is doing when it comes to her Instagram and YouTube too - I feel like she's going to be everywhere you look soon. 

With Love Yossy | Yossy is another girl that I constantly swoon over. The locations she finds, the way she edits her photos and her well curated theme, just keeps me coming back for more. There'e a mixture of homeware, fashion and travel, so there's something on her feed for everybody. 

Sophie Axon | Sophie is one of my new finds of 2019 and I'm so glad as not only is her Instagram SO perfect, she's such a lovely and supportive human too. I can't believe how talented she is with shooting and editing as each photograph looks like it came straight from a magazine - I'm obsessed. I love that Sophie has started to share more of her outfits on her feed too as I love seeing her personality shine through. 

Rebecca Faye Hudson | Bex's pink toned theme is undeniably dreamy and I get excited every new photo that she posts. Although she's got 21k, I feel like she deserves so many more as each location and outfit is absolutely perfect. If you're got a girly fashion sense, then I think Bex would be the Instagrammer for you! 

Kelly Prince Wright | I'm so excited to see what Kelly creates during this new Autumn season as her feed gives me all the cosy feels. She finds the cutest spots to photograph in and I love her lifestyle content so much! 

Yasmin Robert | Yasmin's well curated feed and perfect outfits never fail to make me swoon. I took a lot of inspiration from her during the Summer, so I'm looking forward to seeing what she puts together for the colder months too. 

What are your favourite Instagram accounts? 

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