Saturday 7 September 2019

Is Liz Earle Worth The Hype?

Liz Earle Brand Review Favourites
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Liz Earle is a cult brand amongst many and for a very good reason too. Their simple, yet effective formulas with sleek, light blue packaging makes their products not only visually appealing, but they work well too! I've dabbled in Liz Earle from time to time over the years with varied results, but recently I've been trying out a handful of their products to review today. 

The first in the round up is the Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser*, the product I've spoken about before, as when I was younger my skin didn't like it too much despite being raved about by everyone at the time, but now my skin is a lot less sensitive, I've been thoroughly enjoying it. I definitely think this works a lot better with the muslin cloth as it means you don't have any residue left, so you're skin is ready to go in with a second cleanse. It gets rid of eye makeup without stinging them and I feel like it's kept my complexion feels a lot softer and smoother since using this again - I would 100% repurchase! 

I tried the Instant Boost Skin Tonic* several years ago too and I adored it from the get go, so to say I haven't had it in my clutches since then makes me sad. It's super simple in the way it feels as it doesn't feel any heavier than water, but the added aloe vera and cucumber definitely contribute to how refreshing and soothing it feels once applied. It's gentle, great for everyday use and to finish off your cleansing routine before moisturising. 

I'm not sure what I was expecting from the Balancing Gel Mask*, but it exceeded all my expectations. The texture is what makes it so unique as it feels thicker than a traditional gel mask, yet it doesn't feel oily to touch either. It sits on the skin working it's magic for five minutes before being wiped off to reveal a hydrated complexion. 

I'm very picky when it comes to moisturisers, both on my face and on my body. I want them to be lightweight enough to sink in quickly, but I still want them to deliver the right amount of hydration. The Skin Repair Moisturiser* just didn't tickle my fancy as much as I would have liked it to as although it left my complexion feeling soft and not greasy at all, it does need to be used with an extra dose of oil or serum underneath. 

The Skin Replenishing Body Balm* on the other hand really surprised me by how much I enjoyed using it. With a simple fragrance and a gentle formula, this is just good for everyday use or if you want to make sure your pins remain looking soft and smooth in the Summer/early Autumn. 

What products do you enjoy using from Liz Earle? 

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