Wednesday 18 September 2019

2010's Nostalgic Makeup Products

2010's Nostalgic Makeup Products
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Before beauty blenders were so readily available, the Cosmopolitan Beauty Sponge was the makeup applicator you just had to have. I remember not realising that you had to wet it, so I spent months and months applying a thick layer of foundation super streaky with a dry sponge! 

Talking of foundation, I feel like I made it through the majority of what the high street had to offer when I was teenager as I was super fussy back then as it needed to last me throughout the school day or it didn't make it to my 're-purchase' list. The Max Factor Facfinity offering and the Revlon Colorstay were both high up on my favourites list and to be fair I haven't tried them again in years, but the Bourjois Healthy Mix still remains in my makeup to this day. 

A brand I was obsessed with were Benefit, I remember scouring their counter every time I went into Boots and this would have been at the time that Too Faced was stocked there too, but they were completely overlooked - how times change! Benefit famous product has to be their box blushers, I still have the likes of Hoola and Coralista in my collection. Despite new products quite regularly, it's only really the new Boi-ing Liquid Concealer version of their classic pot version that has enticed me in. I feel like the cardboard packing is slightly dated and I would love to see them come out with something that still has their kitsch feel, but with more experimental shades inside!  

MAC? Whatever happened to MAC. It's a brand I have kept products on purely for nostalgia, but if I'm honest other than a blusher or a eye pigment, I rarely pick anything up. The packaging, although unimportant in the grand scheme of things, is a little uninspiring and I have to admit, I would much prefer purchasing them online as I've had a few bad experiences going in-store and being matched to completely the wrong colour - Studio Fix Fluid anyone? 
2010's Nostalgic Makeup Products
NYX Cosmetics is all the rage, but if you remember when it came to the UK the first time around, being stocked in a small corner of Next before making a disappearing act pretty quickly. I loved when they came over as it meant I could live out all my dreams of owning my favourite YouTuber's go-to products. Elf had a similar effect on me as I remember asking for an online order for a birthday and when £20 worth of makeup arrived including the Elf Matte Lip Colour in Tea Rose (what a throwback!), I was ecstatic. Their Brow Kit, Tone Colour Powder and Contour and Blush Duo obviously made an appearance too. 

Back when 'concealer lips' were all the rage; Barry M's Marshmallow (you picked out shade 100 if you were extra AF) and Gosh Darling Lipstick were sell outs and everyone loved to have minimal eyebrows and no definition to your eyes, cheeks or lips.  It's safe to say that the concealer lip trend isn't around anymore... my MAC Playing Koi Lipstick is still in my collection, reminding me to never let that happen again. 

What were your favourite products as a teen that make you nostalgic? 


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