Saturday 21 September 2019

A Pixi Skincare Collection For Every Need

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Recently, Pixi added to their skincare line, not only extending their famous Glow Tonic range, but adding lots of new products to the Hydrating Milky, Vitamin C, Rose, Retinol and Collagen lines too. Even reading that probably had you confused, so today I thought I'd make it a bit simpler for you, sharing what each collection is used for as well as my favourites too. 

I have to start off with the Glow Tonic line as this is where it all started. If you're looking for a product that will gently exfoliate the skin, whilst brightening and smoothing along the way. Aside from the original Glow Tonic* that I've spoken about time and time again, the Cleansing Gel* version is one that you should check out. It helped me get rid of the little bumps I had underneath my skin, whilst working as a second cleanse in my skincare routine perfectly. 

The range that I have been introduced to recently is the Vitamin C collection which promises to brighten as well as improve your skin's texture. I was a little worried that it would work as a less potent Glow Tonic range which my complexion has got used to, but the Vitamin C Juice Cleanser* has quickly made it into my favourite list. They all have a great scent which is delightful to use and as they feel lightweight on the skin, they'd be perfect for those who like fast absorbing, simple products. 

When it comes to skincare, anything with rose in the formula always entices me in - my skin loves it! The Rose Ceramide Cream* is a firm favourite in my house, with my boyfriend using it too. It's luxurious in feel as the texture is thick, but it sinks in quickly and improves your skin's texture over time as it hydrates. The rose range is great for those for have sensitive skin that wants to nourish and add a boost! I have quite a few Rose Tonic* backups as it's simple to just wipe over your skin after cleansing to make sure that all my makeup is off and it's ready for the next step. 

Now onto the collections that I haven't tried everything from, but I think it's important and handy to know what they offer. The Hydrating Milky range is famous for their Milky Mist, but there's lot of other products to delve into now. As the name would suggest these focus on moisturising and nourishing the complexion, so they would be great for dehydrated skin types. 

The collagen and retinol collections are more aimed towards those who want anti-aging benefits and despite being name differently, I find that the products work in a similar way they just offer different types. The Fortifeye Eye Patches* are a favourite of mine because they help to get rid of any dry patches and puffiness underneath your eyes in just the small time you have them on. The Retinol Tonic* is the most interesting product I've come across from the range as it's such an easy way to get retinol into your skincare routine as I found that it's more gentle than other products I've tried, plus it's a great allrounder! 

What is your favourite Pixi skincare collection? 

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