Monday 20 May 2019

Too Cool For School Brand Review

Too Cool For School Brand Review
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Too Cool For School is a brand I've heard a lot about and I have been meaning to try more some time now, but have never got around to it. The cute packaging definitely lures me in, but I wasn't sure where to start first as they've got quite a lot in their skincare range already. 

When the Egg Mouse Pack* arrived I was very confused as to what it was, I initially thought it was moisturiser then I started to using it like a cleanser, but after some research it's actually a face mask. It's thick foam texture makes for a fun experience, but I was worried that it would break me out if it wasn't too be removed easily. It hasn't broke me out, but I've got a mixed opinion of it so far. It's not bad at all, in fact it makes my skin feel super clean and radiant, but it lacks massively when it comes to hydration. It's nothing that can't be fixed with a moisturiser post-mask and I enjoy the way it purifies my complexion, so I'm happy to continue using it. 
Too Cool For School Brand Review
Next up is the Egg Mellow Body Butter* which is a luxe feeling, thick textured body moisturiser that I've been smothering all over my skin after the bath twice a week. I use the SBC Watermelon Skincare Gel* whenever I want a quick boost of hydration and as it sinks is so quickly, that one is perfect for every day wear. The Too Cool For School offering however is better for a pamper evening when you've got a little bit of time to let it sink in and it works well after a long, hot bath too. It smells absolutely delicious and really does make a difference to the way my skin feels as someone who's body feels dehydrated 90% of the time. 

Last up is the Egg Cream Mask - Pore Tightening* which is a sheet mask that promises to clarify the complexion and minimise the pores in 20 minutes. Although I didn't notice much difference when it came to the latter, it really calmed down the redness I had around my active and old blemish scars which was amazing. There was also lots of products left in the packet to use down my neck and extra for my face too! 
I've now got the Egg Mousse Body Oil, Pumpkin Purifying 24k Mask and the Coconut Facial Scrub on my wishlist, but quite honestly that's just the beginning. I think the Egg-Zyme Whipped Foam may have to be a next purchase as I'm after a new cleanser after using a lot of mine in my stash already. 

Have you ever tried anything from Too Cool For School? 

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