Friday 10 May 2019

5 Ways To Practise Self Care and Re-Charge

5 Ways I Like To Practise Self Care and Re-Charge
I feel like now is the perfect time to publish a post like this as the weather is drizzly and it feels like it could easily be mistaken for an Autumn day. I am always quite on it when practicing self care during the colder months, but during Spring and Summer, I tend to forget especially with the longer days which can sometimes make me feel pressure to fill every day up. Here are some of my favourite ways to re-charge my batteries: 

Drink Water, Listen To Music and Treat Yourself | I'm not so bad at drinking 2 litres of water a day, but I know that I can slip from time to time, so I find making a conscious effort to drink throughout the day. On top of this, I have been loving incorporating music into my workout routines so that I can dance away to my favourite tunes, getting distracted from what I'm supposed to be doing. After that, I love treating myself to some chocolate or even a delicious (and nutritious) smoothie full of my go-to ingredients. 

Have A Bath | Right, this one is on every self care list isn't it? I'm not just talking about taking a bubbly bath to fix everything, but I'm taking about the full shebang. I mean allowing yourself to lay naked on your towel for as long as you want - even having a nap if needs be! Light some candles, bring snacks and meditate if you want to too. 

Find Something Funny | After a weekend away to Portugal and the anticipation of having quite a lot on over the next couple of months, I knew that I would start feeling overwhelmed if I didn't start taking time out. On my first day back, I like to make sure that I allow myself a Podcast episode of My Dad Wrote A Porno or two to give myself a bit of giggle whilst easing myself back into work. 

Do Something That Makes You Feel Good | If it's cancelling that one event you really don't have time to attend, going for a walk to find local lambs (completely worth it) or just cleaning your house. It's simple, but is something that I tend to forget to do. Just taking a little time out to do something that makes me feel good. Stretching my legs, clearing that area of the room you've been meaning to or just being on your own for a little while can all make me feel extremely happy in no time. 

Turn My Phone Off | I don't do this as often as I should do and it doesn't always have to be because you want to step away from social media - although that does always make me feel better too. Instead, turning my phone off can sometimes force me into finishing work for the day and setting time aside to have a bath, catch up on Netflix or do some baking. 

What are your favourite ways to practice self care? 

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