Sunday 12 May 2019

Favourite Makeup Tools

Favourite Makeup Tools
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If there's one element of makeup that I find the most stressful it is probably shopping for tools. A makeup brush or sponge can make or break your routine, changing the way you think about a formula or finish of the foundation, powder or cream blusher you've been wearing too. I've previously written a post about my favourite beauty tools which highlighted some of my go-to accessories for preening the body from head to toe, but today I wanted to concentrate more on the makeup tool element. 

I did a sponsored Instagram for Beauty Crush last year, but they're a range I continue to use for my daily makeup. The powder brush from their The Basics Makeup Set* is a stand out product from them and I would even say it's worth the £12.99 just for that brush, but you actually get four for that price! I use it with my bronzer and it applies just the right amount to my cheekbones and buffs out any contour if needs be too. 

Of course, I had to feature the Beauty Blender in this post too, a regular repurchase of mine. Although I've used the Zoeva Silk Finish Brush from time to time to build up a heavier coverage foundation, I always keep the beauty blender to hand to blend out any streaks or when nothing else has worked for applying a base product that I'm unsure about. 
Favourite Makeup Tools
Kit Stars are a new brand to me, but one I'm very happy to have found. Their gold casing makes them aesthetically pleasing and the brushes are all super soft. Although I own the Full Vegan Brush Kit*, there are still stand out tools from their range that I would recommend the most. The S1 Powder Brush* is absolutely amazing at dusting just the right amount of setting powder across my complexion and the S3 Blush Brush* applies a pop of colour to my cheeks. 

Their face tools aren't the only thing that impressed me, but the S31 Tapered Brush* is fluffy enough to blend out your eyeshadow without losing any pigmentation and the N33 Micro Pencil* pick is a brush I never thought I needed, but it's made applying eyeshadow to my bottom lashes much neater and easier. All of my top Kit Stars picks are affordable, ranging between £6 - £11 for high quality, super soft bristles. 

The Huda Beauty Bake and Blend Dual-Ended Setting Brush* has been in my makeup bag since I got it. I particularly enjoy using the baking end as it is just the right size to get into the corners and underneath of my eyes. The blending side is nice to have as well because it easily turns any concealer into a higher coverage offering by being quite dense. 

What are your favourite makeup tools? 

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