Sunday 26 May 2019

The New Ciaté Extraordinary Foundation

The New Ciaté Extraordinary Foundation
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It's not often anymore that a foundation release gets me excited, but the new in Spring collections are doing exactly that. One of the products I recently spotted was the Ciaté Extraordinary Foundation, a base that promises blurred pores, buildable coverage and a radiant finish. I put it to the test over the last couple of weeks and my thoughts are finally in. 

First up we've got to talk about the shade range because I think it's fairly broad, having 20 shades which is a good starter. Saying this, they've really missed the mark on the undertones in my opinion as each shade goes up quite a big jump. Instead of each different skin tone having complimentary pink and yellow tones, they sort of assume that neutral undertones are lighter, yellow tones are in the middle and then pink tones darker, which means that you can be in-between shades quite easily. I went for 104y Linen which relates to it having yellow undertones and is the second lightest shade. This applied to my face if not blended in thoroughly can come across a little orange - not too yellow like I was worried about. Once blended with a beauty blender I did find it matched my skin tone perfectly, so although I've slated the range, I was happy with the one I picked out especially considering I did it all online. 

The formula is on the lightweight side, making it super easy to blend in which is exactly what I wanted as I'm not a fan of the thicker formulas. It felt like it was barely there on the skin and never gathered around my nose which I usually get with higher coverage foundations, but this one did cling to my peach fuzz a little bit, but nothing a bit of blending didn't sort out. The coverage is buildable, but I actually find that one to two pumps all over is enough to cover any redness and blemishes I have, evening out the complexion completely. 

Now onto the finish where I was quite surprised with what it had to offer. When I first applied it, I was expecting something a little more dewy, in fact I would go as far as saying it's a completely matte foundation. Then I went into natural sunlight and was amazed by how radiant my complexion looked, with a dreamy highlight on just the right points of my face. 

Have you tried the Ciate Extraordinary Foundation? 

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