Tuesday 19 March 2019

How I Think Of Blog Post Ideas Five Years On

Creating Blog Post Ideas
Thinking up blog posts ideas is one of the hardest things to do when you're not in the right mindset or you're out of the habit. Back in 2017, when I was blogging daily, I created the "How To Generate Ideas For Your Blog" which gained a lot of attention, helped a lot of people out and is something I continue to refer back to whenever I'm struggling (especially the three word method!). This inspired me to update a few of the new ways I like to help me feel inspired again and I hope they help you out too. 

Think Seasonally | One of the biggest inspirations for my writing is the seasons whether's it's outfits I'm wearing once the sun has come out or the makeup I've been using at the end of Winter. Each season brings a new lease of motivation for me, so I like to utilise it as much as I can, making sure I have a notepad full of ideas to refer back to. 

Look Through Your Makeup Bag | Ahhh... I love a simple tip and this one is one of my favourites! Just looking through your current makeup bag and pulling out a handful of products, can help you think of blog post ideas. If I pick out a foundation, blusher and lipstick, I can often think of various ideas relating to the shade or finish; something that I like to put into spider diagram form. For instance, if I look at a red lipstick I love, I will think of a red lip round up, a current makeup look I can write about or simply a brand focus post. 

Don't Just Stick To One Niche | ...or do - it's up to you! I do love broadening my horizons and writing whatever I feel like, especially whenever I'm in a bit of a lull. If I'm not feeling like writing about makeup or photographing flatlays, I go around my house with a camera, snapping away whatever I can find and seeing what comes up. I love exploring lifestyle themes and letting you know a little bit more about myself whether that's what I've been watching on television or where I've been going on holiday recently. 

Looking Back At Old Posts | I've recently been doing this with posts like this one from 2017 as this was when I was daily blogging. It's easy to revisit ideas, update your readers on the products you used to use and what you think of them now as well as re-discovering the "what's in my handbag tag". 

How do you come up with new blog post ideas? 

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