Tuesday 5 March 2019

Spring Transitional Skincare and Body Care Rotation

Transitional Skincare and Body Care Spring
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Now is about the time that I've already started to switch up my skincare, inject a bit of extra moisture into my locks and plan to rotate my makeup ready for the new season. March marks the start of Spring for me, so I thought I'd put together a few new product finds and old favourites that I've been using during this transitional period. 

The time between Winter and Spring is always super tough on my skin; I'm more prone to breakouts, my complexion looks rather lacklustre and often feels ultra-dehydrated too. Foundation doesn't quite sit right and therefore neither does any of my other makeup, so I rely on skincare to help prep and prime my skin ready. The Glossier Milky Oil and Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser* have been a dream time when it comes to taking my makeup off gently and leaving my skin feels clean. The latter is very gentle on the skin and when paired with a nourishing toner, I start to look a little bit more human in no time. 

Face masks are been a regular in my routine too and I've especially been loving them when worn in a steaming hot bath to open my pores and really let the product get to work. The Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask has been my go-to especially around the cheeks, but as my t-zone is feeling a little on the clogged side I've been opting for a variety of my favourite clay masks to do the job. 

Even though the Herbivore Coco Rose is a firm body scrub favourite of mine, it's the St Moriz Exfoliating Skin Primer* I've been using to get rid of any dry patches I've got all over my body. I've cracked the fake tan back out again and it was a regular in my routine during February too. The Isle of Paradise Tanning Water never fails to leave me with a even, natural looking tan that perks me up when the weather outside is looking miserable. 

Last up in this line up is haircare and of course I have to mention the Olaplex No3 Treatment as it's been a miracle worker during the Winter on my stressed out locks. I recently used it straight after dying my hair, something which up until this point I've never done before and let me tell you now - it's a game changer! It tames my tresses without making them greasy and I've done a full blog post on it here if you fancy a read. 

What are your transitional skincare and body care favourites? 


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