Friday 15 February 2019

Pixi Rose Infused Skintreats

Pixi Rose Infused Skincare Review
Pixi Rose Infused Skintreats
- All products in this post have been kindly gifted to me, but I have no obligation to post about them. All links in this post are affiliate links - 

Last week Pixi kindly sent over a personalised travel bag packed full of their rose infused range similar, but not identical to the Ultra Luxe Rose-Infused Skintreats Set* that they currently sell. Inside were nine products to cover the whole of your skin routine from cleanser to setting spray. Today, I wanted to give you a little run down of my initial thoughts on the range, what I'd recommend and a little information about their new collections. 

Not long ago now, Pixi decided to extend their ranges including the must loved Glow Tonic and Hydrating Milky collections, as well as a wide range of new products for their Vitamin C and Collagen range too. These included things like a Vitamin C Juice Cleanser, In-Shower Steam Facial (how amazing does that sound?!) and Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel. However, today I am focusing on only one of their new collections - the Rose Infused one, which for me, a rose lover, was one I was very excited to try. 

Inside the parcel was the Rose Caviar Essence* and Rose Flash Balm* which I've actually tried before, so I can already can my thoughts on the two. The essence is great for adding another layer of hydration to your skincare routine with it's gel-serum formula that works amazing underneath your makeup too when you want something lightweight. The balm is a lot thicker as it works as a moisturiser, primer and mask too, but I don't get as much use out of it as I used to as I don't have somewhere to fit it in to my routine as of yet. 

Another product I've tried from this range is the Rose Tonic* which I always say is an underrated Pixi product of theirs and is great if you're not a fan of acid toners as this one helps to reduce redness and calm your complexion too. 
Pixi Rose Infused Skincare Review
Then we have the face sprays which I've had a bit of a mixed experienced with ever since I tried their Glow Mist* which ended up causing a lot of breakouts and I had to give it away. With that being said, I knew that I wanted to be careful around the Rose Glow Mist* as I suspect I'm going to get the same bad results from this, but I don't want to judge it until I've tried it (which I'm too scared to!). The Makeup Fixing Mist* on the other hand has already made it into my daily makeup bag and honestly I'm so impressed already. Using it underneath my makeup prolongs makeup wear and then I spritz it all over my face at the end to bring the look all together as well as making it look fresher and preventing the cake face from too many powder products. 

I've also been using the Rose Cream Cleanser* every night since I received this parcel which hasn't been for long enough to form of a solid opinion on it, but so far so good. It works as a second cleanse, foaming up ever so slightly without drying out the skin and despite it's thicker texture, it hasn't broken me out. I've got high hopes! 

I was super excited to try the Rose Ceramide Cream* as I've heard some amazing things about it, but I was expecting it to be thicker which I'm actually glad it isn't. The packaging which feels like an old toothpaste tube makes me feel happy, but of course it is what that's inside that count. It's nourishing without being greasy or sticky, so I'm actually really enjoying it more than I thought I would - I'm excited to try it out more. I've been using it in conjunction with the Rose Oil Blend* which so far I've had better luck with than their Jasmine Oil which just never took off in my skincare routine. Once again, I'm sure to give you an update after a few more weeks of use, but I have to comment on how amazing it smells. 

have you tried any of the Pixi Rose Range? 

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