Thursday 28 February 2019

Does The Glossier Milky Oil Work?

 Glossier Milky Oil Review
 Glossier Milky Oil Review
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Enter the newest member of the Glossier family; the Milky Oil Waterproof Makeup Remover which promises to gently melt off long wearing makeup like a mixture between a micellar water and a cleansing oil. I bought it the minute it was released and was super excited to put it to the test, so here's how I go on. 

I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for Glossier to release a new skincare product and I'm very glad it's part of the cleansing family as I've been on a mission to use up the ones I have in my collection and have somehow been left with not a lot! For experience, I knew that after a couple of days use, I would know whether this worked or not, so I wanted to let you know my first impressions in today's post. 

I've tried this with a cotton pad like it instructs you to do as well as giving it a go with just the use of my fingers. For me, I prefer to use this whenever I have ultra-heavy makeup on all over my face or I just use it for getting rid of all my eye makeup - which is does superbly. The reason why I wouldn't use this all over my face every single day is that it acts in a similar way to a micellar water, but the oil inside of it can leave your skin a little greasy which can always be fixed with a second cleanse, but it's one to note. 

On top of this, I feel like it needs to be said that for a "micellar water" type product, if you're looking for a Garnier sized bottle then you'll be left disapointed, but as I mainly use this as an eye makeup remover like instructed, it's a good size in my opinion for this. It gets rid of all of my day to day eye makeup with just the use of one cotton pad, so it gets a huge thumbs up from me! The oil in the formula breaks everything down and I've found my skincare routine is over much faster now I have a good eye makeup remover to hand. 

Have you tried the Glossier Milky Oil? 

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