Thursday 15 November 2018

Little Changes To Make To Your Skincare Routine

Little Changes To Make To Your Skincare Routine
I love learning new tips and tricks when it comes to skincare whether it's a new tool or a different way to apply my moisturiser. I've been researching simple ways to spruce up my routine and today I'm sharing with you the little changes that have made a big difference. 

I've suffered with dehydrated, chapped lips for pretty much every Autumn/Winter for as longs I can remember. I rely heavily on lip scrubs, balms and treatments to keep them at a level where I can wear lipstick and it doesn't look awful. Even in the Summer my lips suffer from whenever they're exposed to the sun, so although I try and keep them protected they still get dry. The Lush Sugar Plum Fairy is definitely one to pick up if you need something to use on a daily basis and it's one that has made a huge difference in the way my lip products look when worn. 

I can't tell you how excited I am to have a jade roller in my skincare routine as I've lasted after one for ages now. I've heard such good things about time when used both warm, at room temperature and when cold too. I've got my hands on the new Gatineau White Jade Facial Roller* which promises to promote blood flow, lymph drainage and improve the skin's glow too. Although only a small addition, I've loved using it and have actually seen a difference in a very small amount of time which surprised me. 

Another change I've made to my skincare routine is popping products into the fridge especially the Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum* which spurred this one. It contains L-Absorbic Acid ie Vitamin C which apparently is best used immediately, but to prolong usage even further popping it in the fridge can help preserve it too. 

I saw this tip the other month and I can't remember where, but it's been on my 'must try that' list for some time. Basically, they explained that you should apply your moisturiser 3 minutes after your cleanse/toner to ensure you get optimum hydration as moisturiser traps in water in your skin. I can't say I've seen a huge difference, but there's definitely one to at least note - I'm wondering if it'll improve over a longer period of time too. 

What are your top skincare tips? 

- If a product is marked with a * it is a PR sample. This post contains affiliate links - 

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