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Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Universe Advent Calendar

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Universe Advent Calendar
Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Universe Advent Calendar Review
Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Universe Advent Calendar Review
If you've been around here for a while, you'll know that Charlotte Tilbury is the brand I love to use around the festive period. There's something about the rose gold casing and gorgeous shades that make them a dream to use. When I was sent the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Universe* I was over the moon and it was like Christmas came early! I wanted to give you a little tour of this advent calendar and my thoughts on the contents too. You may need to read to the end as there's something that I think you'd love *hint hint*. 

Each product is individually wrapped with burgundy tissue paper behind each door and I feel like that's just the start of it as the exterior packaging has to be noted too. I was worried that the glitter was going to get everywhere, but you'll be pleased to know that it doesn't come off at all and the whole box looks so luxe and very fitting for Christmas. 

Now onto what's inside and the twelve products range from a facial moisturiser to a liquid lipstick, meaning you get to try out a variety of CT's products in generous trial sizes and still have four full sized products at the end too. The Hollywood Lips in Screen Siren is a new addition to my collection and a formula I haven't tried before. I've never tried them as I haven't heard much about their liquid lipstick, but wow this colour is dreamy, long lasting and comfortable too. 

Another product in the box that I didn't even realise existed was the Multi-Miracle Glow, a rose scented cleanser, mask and balm trio. It can be used to nourish any areas in dire need of hydration, to remove your makeup or as a mask to create a refreshed, smoothed complexion. I haven't tried this enough yet to give many thoughts, but I have to say it smells incredible and has a lovely texture too it - not too watery, nor thick. 
Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Universe Advent Calendar
The product that I've heard so many amazing things about and I was so excited to try is the Magic Cream, but I wasn't expecting such a generous trial size (a retail price of £27 on it's own). It's 15ml, but with the texture and formula I can imagine this lasting me a good six weeks of use in the evening. It's a thick cream that doesn't feel heavy on the skin and just makes my complexion drink it up. It's lightly scented which is something to note, but it feels very luxe to use! 

Mini eyeliners from advent calendars or subscription boxes always come in handy as they're great for handbags and I rarely ever use a whole pencil up, so the Rock N Kohl Liner from this box is great and is something I've been using everyday since I got it. I pair this with the Full Fat Lashes which I'm still on the fence about, but it's nice that they've used the same packaging and same size brush as the full sized version to make sure you get the same experience when using. 

Two full sized eye products in the box are the Colour Chameleon Amber Haze and Eyes To Mesmerise Jean. I've tried them both in other shades, but it's nice to have the latter in a champagne hue and the former in an easy to wear, long lasting bronze shade. The cream eyeshadow is super gorgeous to wear on it's own, but they actually work very well together to create a bright, yet subtle smokey eye. 
Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Universe Advent Calendar Pillow Talk
Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Universe Advent Calendar
As you know one of my favourite Charlotte Tilbury products is the Pillow Talk Lipstick and there's a full sized one in this box too! It's such a lovely nude shade, but as I've done a full review of it I won't go into too much detail. It's a gorgeous matte hue that sits perfectly on my lips without clinging to any dry patches and keeps my lips looking full too. 

Another favourite that I've been using for years now is the Wonderglow and honestly it's rekindled the love for me. The miniature size still offers a great deal of product whereby you can really get a feel for what it does. For me, it's greats the perfect base for foundation as it illuminates, smoothes and hydrates. 

I like that there's a lot makeup to try in this but nevertheless it's nice that there are lots of skincare as I've only tried the Goddess Clay Mask before from Charlotte Tilbury. It's already in my collection and I've spoken about it before, but as you use it once or twice a week, the 15ml tube will probably last you about a month perfect for the Christmas season. Similarly, the Take It All Off, an eye makeup remover, is great for if you're travelling over the festive period, but as you only use a small amount of remover each night, this will probably give you a lot of use out of it. 

Lastly it's the Supermodel Body which is a highlighter for your limbs that promises to give the illusions of smoother, softer, firmer skin perfect for if you're getting your legs out for a Christmas party this year. At first I was worried that I would get through the tube quite quickly, but as I tend to use this on my shins, shoulders and collarbones, I actually haven't used too much of it. 

Now onto the surprise - I'm giving away a Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar over on my Instagram today (12/11) and it'll be up for three days, so definitely check it out over at Pintsizedphoto if you don't follow already. 

What do you think of the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Universe Advent Calendar? 

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