Tuesday 9 October 2018

What I Got For My Birthday

I was kindly given some amazing gifts over my birthday weekend and after putting up a poll on my Instagram about whether or not to do this post, it was a resounding yes. I'm so excited and grateful for everything I recieved and I wanted to share it all with you- but of course it goes without saying that  I'm not bragging in any way- just as a quick disclaimer. 

First up is the Roberts Revival Radio which I've wanted forever and was lucky enough to get this year. We broke our old radio a couple of years back and I've missed having one ever since. Of course it being easy on the eye is what made me want to pick it up, and it's looking particularly lovely next to my bed at the moment whilst I wait to see where it fits perfectly. 

Next is a pair of earrings that I've wanted for ages now. The Missoma Molton Mini Gold Hoops are the perfect size for my ears and as I like the stacked look, I feel like these would be perfect! 

From Hannah I was surprised by two Lush picks which I'm so excited to crumble into the bath and make delicious bubbles with. It was almost like she knew that the Sparkly Pumpkin is my favourite from the Halloween collection, quickly followed by the Bewitched Bubble Bar - thank you! 

I was kindly given a Vince Camuto Crossbody Flap Bag which is in an amazing colour that will no doubt spice up my wardrobe this A/W season. This looks great in contrast with my new Kurt Geiger Mini Purse which is a bright red shade. 

Lastly I also received a few ASOS gift cards which will no doubt be used to fill my wardrobe up with lots of new Autumn pieces. I've got my eye on a pair of Boots, a cosy jumper and maybe a new pair of PJ's too. 

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