Sunday 21 October 2018

Halloween Activities To Take Up

Halloween is always the time of the year I can't wait for because it's when it finally feels like Autumn and I get to watch all the scary films and regret them later. I wanted to give you a run down of some of my favourite spooky activities to get up to, so that hopefully they give you a few ideas for the 31st too. 

Pumpkin Patch | I've been going on about pumpkin patches since I went to my first one last year, but honestly they're so good to get you in the mood. Pick out your favourite shaped pumpkins and take them home with you to carve. Have a competition with whoever else is in your house or friendship group and don't forget to make something tasty with the insides too. 

Look Through Netflix | This time of the year is the perfect excuse to look through the horror section on your Netflix, which if you're like me, I tend to avoid all year round unless I'm in the 'right mood'. We've been watching the new The Haunting of Hill House which is a series that has us hooked, although it has me wanting to hide behind a cushion.

Bake Some Halloween Themed Treats | I've been looking at all the creative Halloween recipes online and honestly there's so many amazing creations. I'm looking at making my own pumpkin soup to serve in mini pumpkins too and creating these sausage rolls with my favourite veggie sausages. 

Invite Your Friends Around | Put together a Halloween themed playlist, pull out all your favourite old scary films to watch and order pizza in so you can carve out your pumpkins together. Light candles and decorate your house - plus this vampire cocktail is the perfect addition to the food and drink line up too. 

Go To A Haunted House | I've wanted to go to a live haunted house experience for many years now and although I'm starting to feel nervous for it already, I am looking forward to it nevertheless. I'm sure there's going to be lots of giggles as well, but the fact there's going to be live actors definitely puts me on edge. 

What are you doing this Halloween? 

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