Monday 22 October 2018

Alpha-H Brand Focus

Alpha h brand focus
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Alpha-H is a brand you've probably heard a lot about since it's Liquid Gold solution made it's way onto a lot of beauty bloggers top shelves. I wanted to give them a try for myself and today I'm giving you the run down of three of their products I've been using. They're currently Cult Beauty's brand of the month, so if you fancy treating yourself you'll get free delivery throughout the month of October. 

When my beloved Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel* finished I quickly opened the Essential Cleansing Balm* as it smelt quite similar in my opinion and I thought that would fill the 'rose shaped hole' in my skincare routine. Although the Oskia offering is a gel and Alpha-H is more on the balm side, I find the latter a little lighter in formula, yet they both perform in a similar way. Out of all the Alpha-H products I find this one is the one I've been getting the most use out of especially if I'm wearing heavy makeup or a need a deep cleansing first cleanse. 

The famous Liquid Gold* has been in my routine for some time, but isn't one that I reach for all the time. It has quite a chemically scent which won't be for everybody and unlike it's competitor, the Pixi Glow Tonic*, I don't find it transforms the skin overnight. That being said, I still think it's a great product, but rather than it being targeted for an instant brightening effect, it works over a long period of time to help diminish the appearance of blemish scares and help to tighten pores. 

Lastly is the Beauty Sleep Power Peel*, a concoction of both retinol and glycolic to help regenerate, refine and plump the complexion. It's seriously potent stuff and has taken my skin a little while to get used to. It smells slightly of lavender to give it's spa-like feel to the product and it seriously does a good job as making the skin look brighter and feel smoother. It's certainly one to add to your list if you're a fan of acid treatments like myself as this does help with any of those under the skin spots that you may get. 

What products do you recommend from Alpha- H? 

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