Friday 19 October 2018

24 Hours of Clinique Anti Pollution Skincare

Clinique Anti Pollution Skincare
Clinique Anti Pollution Skincare
 - This post is in collaboration with Boots, but all thoughts are my own - 

Everyday our skin goes through a lot, from being exposed to pollution on our commute to work to letting daily stress takes it's toll on our complexion. For me, over a 24 hour period, my skin starts off dry as I wake up feeling dehydrated, the heating in my office causes it to then dehydrate further and then forgetting to put SPF on even though you'd sworn you would...for the fifth day in a row. Today, I'm sharing with you the importance of protecting your skin, a few of my favourite Clinique from their Anti-Pollution Skincare and a handful of tips too. 

The Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly delivers an intense boost of hydration without feeling heavy on the skin making it the perfect addition to your routine in the morning. On top of it's moisturising properties, it offers a 24 hour protection against pollution and makes your skin look healthier and feel softer. I use this in the morning to ensure that I'm more protected against environmental aggressors that you encounter on your commute to work, whilst you're at your computer and even whilst you're sleeping. 

To help me rid the skin of impurities and dirt that has built up throughout the day of wearing makeup, going through the elements and exercising too, I use the Clinique Block Purifying Charcoal Clay Gel. I like to use this cleanser as my second cleanse in the evening to ensure my complexion looks as clear as possible as the charcoal in the formula helps to combat pollutants that effect us everyday and ensure that my skin feels soothed and refreshed. 
Clinique Anti Pollution Skincare
Now that the weather has got colder, the heating has come on and although it means I'm toasty warm, it does have an adverse effect on my skin. I like to make sure I've got a few good moisturisers to hand for both the morning and evening to ensure that my skin is kept moisturised and hydrated throughout the day as the heating can really dry out my skin without realising it. The Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+ has been my go-to for the evening in particular as the hyaluronic acid and glycerin helps to absorb water from their air and retain it too. 

Last in this round up is the Clinique City Block Sheer SPF which helps to protect your skin from sun damage all whilst evening out the skin tone. As someone who exercises outside a lot I want to protect my complexion all year around and I tend to not wear makeup due to sweat either, so this is perfect. It's oil-free, doesn't break me out and it's always so important to remember to use SPF no matter to season.  

Skincare is always longer than a 24 commitment and no one should expect to see results overnight, so make sure you're always sticking to a routine both morning and night to help protect your day throughout the day. 

What does your skin go through in 24 hours and how do you protect it? 

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