Thursday 17 March 2016

The Lush Spring Haul.

Lush Spring Haul
Spring is officially less than a week away and this can only mean one thing; the Lush Spring Collections are upon us. Although I've still got a large supply of bath bombs from the Winter, I still can't help but use the Mother's Day and Easter range to stock up. Today, I am sharing with you everything I have picked up recently.

First up is the Fluffy Egg; an Easter must-have, especially if you love hot pink-hued baths and the sweet snow fairy scent. Every year I purchase a handful of these and I try to make them last all of Spring. I was tempted by the Golden Egg; a luxe bath melt as it allows you to soak in toffee scented water, whilst moisturising lacklustre skin with cocoa butter and olive oil. If you're not a fan of excess glitter then I would recommend giving this one a miss, otherwise it's a golden lustre treat that is perfect for Spring. 

With antiseptic buchu oil and uplifting Sicilian lemon oil, the Bunch Of Carrots re-usable bubble bars are the perfect new additions to the Lush Easter collection. This fresh smelling trio creates vibrant bubbles as soon as they hit the running tap water. Rather than crumbling your specified coloured bubble bar in the bath, I hold it underneath the tap to create layers on bubbles without the mess. 

When I was in store, I was deliberating between the Humpty Dumpty or Which Came First? bath bomb, but ended up picking the latter. This offering has a sweet fruity scent that fills the bathroom and although at £6.95 it is slightly steeper than the other bath products, it can be easily split into atleast three baths for multiple uses. 

I didn't pick up much of the Mother's Day collection this year, but I was instantly drawn to the Rose Bombshell bath bomb and after one use I knew I had to start a petition to make it permanent. Personally, I always gravitate towards rose scents as I find them relaxing yet mood uplifting, so the Rose Bombsell was always going to go down well. With a soft rose scent, this bath bomb releases petals into the water, whilst softening and lightly fragrancing the skin. Although Mother's Day has been and gone, I would recommend popping into your local Lush store to see if they have any left in stock. 

Last up is the Flowering Tea Bubble Bar another new addition to Lush's range and one that is perfect for Spring. This reusable tea bag shaped bubble bar releases neroli, rosewood and orange flower scented bubbles and blue cornflowers when it makes contact with water. I'm pretty sure this petal-filled bar is here to stay, but either way I will be enjoying it all Spring. 

Are you planning a Spring Lush haul?

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