Thursday 31 March 2016

Adding Greenery To Your Home

Flowers, Cacti and any sort of greenery are always welcome in our flat. I find that they add a boost of colour and touch of nature to any room, whilst their purifying qualities help to clean the air. I've been adding to our collection of greenery for many months now and despite having a few hiccups upon the way, we now have a range of plants that I feel work for our surroundings. 

Picking The Right Plant
Despite not naturally being a green thumb, I have had success finding the right plants which need little maintenance yet plenty of light, as I find our flat radiates sunshine easily. Cacti are the easiest green to look after as they require a little amount of water and can be placed pretty much anywhere. If you're looking for something that needs even less commitment, then air plants and succulents are your best friend. Although they still need watering and air circulation, they can be placed pretty much anywhere. If you're looking to invest then Love Tilly's is a great site to check out.

Complimentary Colours
I've always loved the way greenery looks against white or grey walls. They add colour, texture and can brighten up a space that would of otherwise have been a dull room. I pretty much balance my plants anywhere they can fit; on shelves, in shapes and even on radiators. As you may already know, I love to incorporate golden and copper hues into our interior. The Umbra Prisma Wall Decora collection of geometric shapes, are an addition to my bedroom that initially started my air plant obsession. These shapes can be attached to the way or hung from the ceiling to create a statement feature in any room of your choice. 

As for fulfilling my copper craving, the Oliver Bonas Grid Store Unit is perfect for containing a wide variety of ornaments, especially greenery. Ivy is a great addition to this set up as the falling plant looks lovely and luxe, dressing it up and complimenting the copper shade with it's green hue. 

Prints and Props
We have greenery throughout our flat, but I tend to find them a home situated next to prints, grouped in threes or as I've previously mentioned next to a contrasting copper hue. Not On The High Street is one of my favourite places to purchase prints, Eleanor Bowmer, The Motivated Type and Ingrid Petrie Design being some of the brands I tend to opt for. I find that this pairing always look chic and well put together throughout the home. 

H&M home always have some amazing pieces; their wooden contrasting candle holders were exactly what I was looking for as holders for my air plants. They now live next to my Crosley Rose Gold Record Player, but unfortunately H&M no longer sell the exact holders. I have come across several that I think would look divine paired with a succulent or air plant, so I would recommend checking out Etsy's Marble Planters or M&S Glass and Metal Terrarium if you're looking for something to house your greens.  

Maintaining and Care
I get my greenery from several places, but I find supermarkets, Ikea and Homebase are my go-to stores when I need to indulge my obsession. If you can leave Ikea without a plant you have much more will power than myself that's for sure. 

As I previously said I am not a natural when it comes to gardening; well more specifically keeping plants alive. Before committing to real greenery rather than artifical, I did a lot of research on the type of plant that would be suited to me. I considered the amount of water it needs, where it needs to be placed to get the right amount of sunshine and what temperature it excels at. I've wanted a Peace Lily for some time, but I knew they required a little more attention, so I started off with succulents until I felt happy that I could keep bushier, leafy greens alive. 

Aside from their air purifying qualities and brightening appearance, the other reason I like adding greenery to our home is that they can be frequently moved to fit in with new pieces. Although I normally house my plants in simple white Ikea Plant Pots, purchasing pots that come in different colours and shapes can really change up a room. I like this H&M Large Metal Plant Pot as it contrasts well with green hues and can easily compliment a plant space. As I previously mentioned, I often balance and move around my plants to fit in with new colour schemes and compositions. Personally, I like filling up a space with greenery, so many of our windowsills and radiators (turned off) are often engaged.  

We don't have too many rooms in our flat, but the rooms we have are fairly large. Although it may seem excessive at times, I like to have at least two plants in each room to freshen up the area. I have two miniature Sanservieria's, otherwise known as Mother In Law's Tongue, one that sits on my bedside table and the other in my Tiger Wire Copper House. As for my desk, a pint sized Livistona Rotundifolia (Palm tree) takes residence there as I find the large, wide leaves give off a tropical feel and spice up my minimalistic desk. 

I hope that this has helped give you inspiration to incorporate more greenery into your interior. Grab a water spritzer and head down to your local garden centre to fill your home with leafy, fresh greenery. 

Will you be adding any greenery to your home?

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