Thursday 10 March 2016

Battling Bad Skin.

Battling Bad Skin
Although my skin isn't as bad as it used to be in my early teens, I still am prone to painful spots every now and again. After juggling blemishes and dry patches for many years now I have concocted the perfect routine for healing my problem skin. 

First up is cleanser and this is the step in my blemish busting routine that I tend to miss out if I've only got one or two spots. However, if I'm feeling rather spotty, the Zelens Z-Detox Cleanser* sorts my skin right out. Unlike any other foaming cleanser that I have tried before, this offering removes impurities and reduces excess oil, whilst keeping my skin calm and soothed. 

I follow with several swipes of the Pixi Glow Tonic toner which is enriched with gylcolic acid to exfoliate and brighten the skin instantly. Whether it's little spots under the skin or a full blown break out, this will help to reduce the size and quantity overnight. A budget friendly option would be the Nip and Fab Gylcolic Fix Cleansing Padsa solution-soaked pad which boosts radiance and can be easily used on the go.

Face masks are the perfect way to treat my skin and deliver the result it needs. Although it dries like a traditional clay mask, the Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque* hydrates and rejuvenates the skin like no other. It draws out impurities and perfects neglected complexions so it's no that wonder I always reach for this when my skin needs some extra TLC. Origins is a brand famous for their face masks, so this line up wouldn't be complete without the mention of the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask. This moisture replacement treatment nourishes the dry patches on my spots, clearing them up and making them less apparent once covered with concealer. 

To finish off I apply a quick dab of the Origins Super Spot Remover to any inflamed areas. It reduces the appearance of redness and minimises the size of my spot. Although I find this severely dehydrates my skin, in small doses this is one miracle worker that I can't be without. 

What products do you rely on when you've got several blemishes?

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