Tuesday 16 December 2014

Shaving | Razor & Shaving Gel

Even though Summer seems like a million years ago and we're all currently hiding underneath our big jumpers and jeans, there is still no better feeling than having freshly shaved legs. I count my lucky stars that my body hair doesn't grow quick, even though this is a burden when it comes to wanting to grow the hair on my head, it isn't when you haven't shaved in 2 weeks and still have barely any hair growing. 

We've all dry shaved and realised straight away that is was a bad idea. The irritation and little bumps appear almost straight away, which totally isn't worth it for the end result of patchy shaved legs. Over the years, I have used a wide variety of different razors, from cheap to expensive, in fact I found the razor isle of Boots to be a bit overwhelming to begin with especially with the different brands and types. I personally like the Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor due to the built in lathering shave gel bars which allows you to get a super close shave. On top of having a good quality razor, I would recommend getting yourself some shaving gel. This is something I never thought was necessary until a few summers ago, I don't have a specific brand favourite, but I would recommend picking up any shaving products in bulk when they're on offer because I am somebody that still cannot get my head around spending £10 on a razor at a time. 

What are your shaving tips and tricks? 


  1. Dry shaving is the worst. Nothing worse than having dry, sore legs...even if they're hidden under 3 pairs of super cosy tights ;)


  2. I used to use Satin Care for years (when I was too stingy to pay out for a wax haha), but I've recently swapped to Veet and have been SO impressed! :)



  3. I love that shaving gel, works wonders for me

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