Friday 5 December 2014

Prime Time | How To Make Your Foundation Stay On All Day

Primers, powders and setting sprays have always been essentials within my make up routine due to my constant struggle with making my make up last all day. I have gone through hundreds of tubes, tubs and sprays in order to find the right products that work for me. In this post, I will give you some of the tips and tricks that I have learnt throughout the years that I have been wearing foundation. Hope you enjoy. 

When there was the first proper primer hype, I wasn't too sure if it would last and I certainly wasn't going to jump on the bandwagon. However, not long after I tried my first primer, Benefit The POREfessional and I have never not used primer since. I have tried both high end and high street primers which both vary in price and in quality, I would still say it is very much trial and error when it comes to primers, due to the different formulas that won't suit everyone's skin type. Even though I recommend The POREfessional, I get that not everyone has £24.50 to spare when buying a primer, so another great one that I would recommend is the Bourjois Happy Light Matte Primer. Primers help to provide a suitable base for your foundation, making your skin soft, smooth and ready for application of any additional products. Even though their is a wide variety of primers on the market all claiming to do various things, I would still say stick to the simple, light feeling primers so that they do not irritate or weigh down your skin. 

If you have problem with shine or excess oil, then a setting powder will both mattify your skin and make your make up last longer. I have had a love/hate relationship with powders, but over the many years that I have been using them I have concluded that finding a great setting powder doesn't mean swallowing the expensive price tag to go with it. Recently I have been trying the Maybelline Matte Maker Mattifying Powder, I love it however I do still believe that a translucent powder works best when you want to set your make up rather than add any additional colour. 

Once upon a time setting sprays were something that I thought were unnecessary, I thought that they were over priced nonsense and instead I stuck to my hair spray can (Ew I know! I can't tell you how many times I got hairspray in my eyes), but I couldn't have been more wrong. The first setting spray that I remember being raved about was the MAC Fix +, I never really got the hype, but that didn't put me off and ever since then I have been on the endless search for the perfect setting spray. Urban Decay All Nighter is my most recent purchase and I can hand on heart say that it has saved my make up. Setting sprays were commonly used within theatrical make up, but recently they have been available from our local high street shops. They help to reduce make up melt down and prevent temperature, weather and humidity from affecting your make up.

What do you use to prevent your make up from having a melt down? 



  1. Great post!, I love primers :)

  2. I wish they sell porefectional in my country too ç____ç I feel soooo outside the world!


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