Monday 8 December 2014

Eylure Lashes | Volume 100

Eylure has been a cult classic of mine for many years now and since their re brand earlier this year, their packaging is much more sleek, simple and modern. Eylure has been creating lashes for the past 65 years, so they know their stuff. Each set of eyelashes comes with a tube of eyelash glue and a picture of what the lashes will look like on. This concept is useful because I find eyelashes are one of the hardest things to visualise on and I tend to always misplace my eyelash glue. 

The Eyelure 100 lashes are one of my all time favourite false eyelashes and whenever I am in need of a set, I instantly reach out for these. In the past, I used to wear false eyelashes a lot regularly, but nowadays I put down to eyelash glue and save them for a special occasion. The main problem I have with false eyelashes is that they can end up looking too false (I know obvious!). With these lashes, I feel that they enhance my natural lashes whilst making them look fuller and longer. These are specifically designed to create more volume than length, but if you have lashes on the shorter side like me, then these will add just the right amount of both. I would recommend these for anybody that is looking to try a pair their first pair of false eyelashes or wants to try a different variation from their normal go-to eyelashes. 

What are your favourites? What brand of eyelashes do you swear by? 



  1. I love Eyelure lashes, they're such great quality and not too expensive either! xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. funnily enough i want to try fake lashes for the first time, so will keep an eye out for these. :)

  3. TOTALLY agree with you on these. I use these on clients all the time - perfect for people going to weddings and for brides, so that kinda tells you how natural they are! :P

    101's are nice too but a little bit more on the 'false' side. Haha.

    XO, G from grace'd

  4. I can never apply the full ones, I used to use the individual ones but I dont think they are as good! These look lush & super fluttery. Eyelure are great, can't believe theyve been around that long!

    Sarah-Jane xo //

  5. I believe I've only used false eyelashes once or twice, I just feel terrible at applying them and never know which ones are good! Thanks for recommending this brand :)


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