Wednesday 21 July 2021

The Best Cottage Core Homeware Finds

Cottage Core Homeware Finds

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Cottage core is one of my favourite Summer aesthetics and I find homeware with this theme super cute and comforting. I know it can be difficult to know exactly where to look to find the perfect pieces, but I have just the blog post for you. 

I'm quite fussy when it comes to bedding, but as soon as I saw this Marks and Spencer Strawberry Set, I knew it had to go straight onto my wishlist. It's a great spin on the classic crisp white sheets and adds a little colour to your bedroom area. I'm also quite tempted by this H&M Wildflower Duvet Set as well because the tie ribbon details on the pillow cases are just so dreamy! 

Nothing says cottage core more than a teapot and teacup set. I've been after a teapot for a little while and I prefer ones with a novelty spin over the plain ones. This Honeycomb Bee Teapot is absolutely beautiful, but I also like the look of this Tea For One Pink option as well. 

Although not quite as dainty, I've picked up two of these Vintage Ceramic Soup Mugs recently in charity shop, but I found them online for you to see too. I absolutely love them hanging up in my kitchen and I think they work in that corner really well. Of course I don't need anymore mugs, but that doesn't stop me from looking and this Ceramic Daisy Mug is definitely making me think I need one more - just look at it! 

Keeping with the kitchenware theme, I have also spotted these Joules Bee Glass Tumblers which I think are so adorable, plus despite having bees embossed in them, these glasses look quite understated and perfect for Summer BBQ's.

We've not quite sorted out the garden yet, but I've still been looking at a couple of things that I think would look cute in a cottage garden. This Decorative Beehive is so pretty and it comes in an array of pastel colours, so you can get one that will work best with the flowers in your garden. I've got my eye on a rattan bench set and I think this Les Fruits Outdoor Cushion would add a lovely boost of colour to my garden too. 

Below I have put together some of my other favourite top picks: 


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