Friday 16 July 2021

An Instagrammable Guide To UK Flower Fields

Best Instagram UK Flower Fields

If you're based in the UK, you'll already know the feeling of scrolling through your Instagram explore page, looking at all of the dreamy fields of flowers, clicking the geotag only to find out that they're all the way across the ocean. To help you out this Spring and Summer, I have curated some of the beautiful places I have found to visit all across the UK. Settle in and grab a notepad because you're going to have serious wanderlust after this! 

Lavender Fields

When Summer rolls around, heading to a lavender field is always high up on my agenda. I would spend every afternoon in the fields if I could, surrounded by the sleepy scent and hum of the bees. Unfortunately that's not quite the achievable dream, but I do make it my mission to visit lavender fields several times a year. I would recommend picking the lavender if the field you choose to visit allows you too as you can bake or make something with the lavender afterwards. Also, don't forget to bring a picnic because it's a lovely way to spend a day out with the whole family! 

Lavender usually comes out in July and August, the earlier you go the less flowers there will be, but the less crowds, so that's something to keep in mind.

Hitchin Lavender, Hertfordshire

Yorkshire Lavender, York

Somerset Lavender, Bath

Suffolk Lavender Field, Ipswich 

Cotswolds Lavender, Cotwolds

Best Instagram UK Tulip Norfolk Flower Fields
Tulip Norfolk UK Flower Fields

Tulip Fields

This year I went to Kings Lynn, Norfolk to visit their tulip fields and I couldn't believe that there was somewhere this beautiful in the UK. It looked like a field straight from Holland with rows and rows of varying colours of tulips to walk through. 

As you can imagine I took many snaps and although the fields are now closed, I will definitely be planning to return next year! I went in late April, so it's the perfect way to welcome Spring in. I do believe that they are the only tulip fields in the UK, so I imagine that tickets will be hot commodity next year - so definitely one to bookmark. 

Kings Linn, Norfolk

Real Petal Confetti Company UK Flower Field

Real Petal Confetti Company UK Flower Field

Confetti Fields 

When I first set eyes on The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company, I thought that there was no way it could be UK based, but to my delight it was and I immediately booked a visit. Although not open for very long each year, it's definitely one to put in the diary if you're looking for somewhere to take pretty snaps. 

There's rows upon rows of different shades of Delphinium flowers in full bloom for you to enjoy and I'll be making my way back there next year too. I hope to see these types of fields popping up throughout the country over the next few years as they're proving quite popular, but currently I believe that the Worcestershire are the only ones in the UK. 

My top tip would be the bring a spare pair of shoes just in case the fields are muddy and make sure your camera is fully charged because you'll be taking all the photos! 

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company, Worcestershire 

Best Instagram UK Flower Fields

Bluebells Woods

There's something about bluebells that make me feel like I'm a fairy frolicking in the woods. They usually start appearing in April and throughout May making them a perfect flower for the start of Spring. 

It goes without saying that it's important to keep the paths and never crush or pick any bluebells because we want to keep them protected for others to enjoy. Although there are many places to experience these blossoming blue flowers, I have put together a list of my favourite finds in the UK that are truly extraordinary. 

Ashridge Estate, Hertfordshire

Hole Park Garden, Kent 

Kinclaven Woods, Perth

West Woods, Wiltshire

Portglenone Forest, Country Antrim 


If I'm honest, a few years ago I probably wouldn't have looked twice at a wildflower meadow, but now I actively hunt them out. They're often filled with an array of different flowers meaning each field is unique to the place and I just find that they're the perfect place to spend a Summer's afternoon. I'm finding that most places that have lavender or sunflowers fields, also have started to grow wildflowers too. They're a great way to encourage bees to pollinate, so it's important not to trample on them as well. 

Wildflowers are often best when stumbled upon, but whilst the likes of cows parsley and poppies usually spring up wherever they please, I still put together a list of places that often have great wildflowers throughout the UK. 

New Grove Meadows, Gwent

Muker Meadows, Yorkshire

Merry's Meadow, Rutland 


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