Saturday 29 August 2020

Amazon Autumn Decor Favourites

Autumn Amazon Fall Decor Finds

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You'll have to be living under a rock to not know that I'm obsessed with Autumn. The cosy knits, the delicious baked goods and the chill in the air are just a few of my favourites. On top of all that, I've got into the habit over the last couple of years to decorate my house for the new season too and by doing so, I've got a knack for finding some gems. Today I'm sharing with you my current favourite Autumn Amazon finds that I've either treated myself to or are sitting in my wishlist at the moment. 

Anything pumpkin themed and I'm there, so when I spotted this Pumpkin Sugar Bowl I immediately fell in love. Not only is this super cute, it's practical too and if I'm honest I'd probably keep this out in my kitchen all year round. On a more decorative side of my wishlist though I have this Flashing Light Up Pumpkin that I'm tempted to get as I don't actually have many Halloween decorations at all and would love to get super involved this year. If that one isn't your thing, then this Pumpkin Ceramic Light offering looks great as well as being a little more understated. One's I really want, but after quite had the excuse to purchase yet is these Glass Pumpkin Fairy Lights which just look incredible - I'm obsessed! 

Stepping away from pumpkin themed items for the time being, I have these Autumn Leaves Nail Stickers which I've shared before, but I've had these stored up for the longest time. They're a cute way to add a little bit of the season to your outfit and great practice if you want to experiment more with your nails. 

For the kitchen and if you're feeling a little peckish, I've been planning lots of baking posts and so I've been looking at some unique items to add to my bakes. These Edible Maple Leaves were super popular amongst those who were around last year on this blog and I had to bring them back again! Currently I'm also looking at these Black Bat Sugar Cake Sprinkles for a Halloween bake (yes I know I'm early!).  

Lastly, I bought my Autumn Leaf Garland last year and I've been tempted to buy a couple more to dot around the house. Although it could be a little thicker, it works to add colour to a room and gives the effect that I want when decorating. 

Do you decorate for Autumn? If so, have you got any favourite finds? 


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