Wednesday 19 August 2020

5 Things That Made My Summer Great

Summer Lifestyle Favourites

It's safe to say that this year has been a little crazy and I'm on the mission to make the last four months much better. That being said, Summer definitely took a turn for the better with warm weather to enjoy, places opening back up and being able to see friends from a distance. Looking back, I wanted to appreciate the little things that made my Summer great and I thought I'd share them with you today. 

Visited A Lavender Field | I thought that I wouldn't be able to visit my local lavender field this year, but luckily they opened back up with restrictions in place. It actually made the whole experience a lot better; there were no crowds and you could just enjoy the hum of buzzing bees in the field - plus you go away feeling a lot more sleepy! We booked a slot for an evening as the sun was slowly setting, so I quickly got a few snaps and we delved into our picnic. It's probably one of my favourite date nights ever and despite feeling nervous about my first outing since March, I couldn't have felt safer and came away a lot more relaxed. 

"Cottage Core Tik Tok was a huge influence of mine this Summer. It certainly didn't disappoint." 

Enjoying The Countryside | To be honest I've always loved the countryside, but I've really learnt how to appreciate it this year. Not only looking at the skylines and sunsets, but being on the look out for the little things that change through the season. The mushrooms popping up out of the ground, the changing colours and variety of flowers that bloom throughout Summer. It's really opened my eyes to the amazing countryside around where I live and has inspired me to get out exploring. 

Summer Lifestyle Favourites

Getting Crafty | After several years telling myself that one day I would learn how to embroidery, buy a candle making kit and experiment with baking - I finally did it! Learning how to embroider was definitely a highlight of my Summer as it turns out I'm not as bad as I thought I'd be and I've even started doing my own designs. 

"In-between all the uncertainty, I'm glad I made an effort to enjoy the Summer as much as I can." 

Slower Evenings | With the lighter evenings to play around with, I feel like in the Summer everything is a lot less rushed as you can finish work and most of the time have a couple of hours of sunlight left. I've been using this time to go for long walks, exercise or just go for a picnic.

A Personal Highlight | After starting Tik Tok in late Spring I never thought that at the end of Summer I'd have 60k followers on there as well as finally reaching 10k followers on Instagram - a goal that I've been trying to get to for the longest time. Although I was unsure of Tik Tok at first, I've loved building a community over there and I'm feeling super positive in terms of the content I'll be creating on my Instagram going into the new season too. 

What are your favourite moments of the Summer?  


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