Tuesday 30 June 2020

Nars Makeup Collection

Nars Makeup Collection Review
Nars is a brand that has been around since the very beginning of this blog and despite doing a round up post a few years ago, I thought it was about time I did an updated one as my collection has grown considerably. This is going to be a super long post, showing your my favourite products to the one's I no longer use anymore (there's some throwbacks too), so get yourself comfortable and get your wishlist ready! 

I've kept the Nars Radiance Primer in my collection purely for this blog post when I finally decided to do it. Although it's too old now to use on my skin, it was once one of my favourites. It was lightweight and could be worn underneath a tinted moisturiser or medium coverage foundation for a glow boost perfect for perking up your skin. 

Now onto a total throwback, Nars Sheer Glow Foundation*. I first reviewed this when I first start blogging and over the years, my opinion has changed on it. Back in the days when my skin was more on the oily side, I couldn't get enough of it as it offered great coverage and lasted all day. Nowadays, my complexion has changed quite a bit and although I think the Natural Radiant Longwear* pick is now more suited to my dry complexion, Sheer Glow will always be nostalgic to me. I personally struggle a little with Nars foundations as they tend to have pinker undertones to them, whereas I'm more neutral. That being said, the formulas are great, so if you're looking to try them definitely give it a sample before buying. 
Nars Makeup Collection Review
The Nars Radiant Concealer* has also been around for many years in my collection, I've gone through tubes of the stuff and it still remains one of my favourites. I'm currently using it all over my face; under my eyes, on my blemishes and any redness too. It's great if you like a concealer that has a lightweight formula, but medium coverage as this can be built up if you need, whilst still looking natural too. 

Their other offering is the Soft Matte Complete Concealer, which is a quite different as it's in a pot meaning that you need to use either your finger or a sponge to apply. I prefer the latter for application as I find it gives a better finish. This is a great option if you enjoy using a lightweight foundation base, but you want to add a bit more coverage to certain areas. 

Although I've no longer got the Nars Copacabana Ilumminator in my collection, I wanted to talk about it nevertheless as through 2016 into 2017 it was one of my go-to highlighters of choice. It added an iridescent sheen to the cheeks perfect for an added luminous look to your makeup. 

I remember going into the shop to try their Laguna Bronzer* and I was underwhelmed as under the harsh shop lights, I felt like it was too dark and shimmery for my skin tone. Fast forward a couple of years and I got kindly sent it and I immediately kicked myself for not picking it up sooner. This bronzer is in my top three favourites now, the hue is perfect to lightly contour, whilst adding warmth the complexion - a great allrounder! 

I had a similar experience with the Nars Orgasm Blusher*, famed for being one of the most flattering shades to wear. When I first swatched it, I didn't think it was for me, only to later love it and for it to not leave my makeup bag for months. It's a pink hue with gold flecks running through it. It can be easily worn in the height of Summer for a soft sheen or in the depths of Winter for a pop of colour, so it's versatile throughout the seasons. 
Nars Makeup Collection ReviewThe other blushers I have by them is a Portofino The Multiple* which I think is a cream version of Orgasm or atleast it's similar, but despite not using it as much as I should do, it's perfect for hot Summer weather as it dries on the skin matte and sits comfortably. The other one is Dual Intensity Blusher* which is one I used to reach for all the time, but the vibrant pink isn't my colour anymore and I struggle to wear the shade on the left unless it's on the eyes. 

There's many Nars discontinued products that people would say they want back, but mine has to be the Rigel Single Eyeshadow. I wouldn't mind it in highlighter form as well as this glowy shadow is a great one sweep wonder on the lids or it can easily be used as an eyebrow illuminator - I've even been known to dust it across my cheeks anyway. Their individual eyeshadows probably not get the hype they deserve because of the expensive price point, but from the colour I've swatched previously, they've got a great selection with the majority have lots of colour payoff. 

Although I know there was a few people disappointed in the packaging of the Nars Mini Wanted Palette, but for me, it was what was inside that counts. They don't sell this anymore, but the warm toned eyeshadows make for the perfect smokey eye, but there's also natural tones inside that can be worn on a daily basis too. 
Nars Makeup Collection Review
If I re-purhcase a mascara it means that I love it as I love trying out new mascaras and rarely stay that faithful to just one. The Nars Climax Mascara* is one of a handful that I've re-bought and that's just because of how amazing it is. I reviewed it back in 2018 when it first got released and it got a rave review from me despite having a full brush that took a while to get used to. The long lasting formula survived multiple exercise tests and it never smudged under my eyes or flake on my face throughout the day. 

The Nars Velvet Matte* and Satin Lip Pencils have been in my collection some time, I have the shades Lodhi, Cruella, Bahama and Good Times. It's the two latter shades I want to talk about first as they are the nudes that I own, Bahama being more of a mauve hue and Good Times being a classic peachy nude. They both are great for wearing on a daily basis, but it's Cruella, a vibrant red shade that I would recommend everyone checking out. 

Then it's on to their lipsticks, the Audacious Anita* one being a long time favourite. It's a pink shade that goes with every outfit in every occasion, making it a handbag must have. I actually stopped using it, so that I didn't disrupt the Nars logo on the side of the lipstick being photographing this blog post, but it's a range of lipsticks that I don't believe get enough hype. I do have their Pigalle Lipstick* as well, but I personally don't reach for it at all which is a shame as it's a gorgeous colour, I just find the other lipsticks far more comfier to wear.  

What are your favourite Nars products? 

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