Wednesday 24 June 2020

Early Summer Lifestyle Favourites

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This was originally supposed to be a Spring favourites post, but as I've taken a little time away from my blog, I'm now sharing it as an Early Summer one instead. Today I am going to be specifically focusing on the books I've read, the apps I've been using and the homeware picks I've been loving as the past season has been full of homely comforts and great bakes! 

I've made it my mission this year to read all the books that have just been sitting in my wishlist or on my bookshelf gathering dust. I started off by re-reading the ACOTAR series and I've enjoyed them even more the second time around. If you haven't read them, they follow a girl called Feyre and it includes everything magical and although it features another world (a great way to escape through a book) it also has a "human realm" so I feel like it's great if you don't want to delve into the fantasy genre head first. The next books I want to read are A Song Below Water and The Worst Best Man, two very different books, but they both look like ones I'd devour on a sunny Sunday afternoon. 

Two apps that I've been using daily is Planta and Grateful, the former being great for those who want to keep track of their houseplant watering and the latter is perfect for reflection on the day. I've been actively practicing gratefulness and mediation for the last four weeks and I found that the app is a simple, yet effective way on jotting it all down. 

Although the weather at the moment is super warm, a couple of weeks back we were having daily rain showers and storms, which meant that I made the most of the cosy evenings and got into a proper evening routine. I've been enjoying fresh showers this Summer with the use of essential oils, but I've been using them in the bath paired with almond oil and bath salts for a relaxing soak. 

Last up, I've been trying to update elements of my home or at least start to put mood boards together of the ideas I've been looking at. It's mostly small additional items or replacement pieces, but here's a wishlist of the kind of thing I've been looking at. 

What are your current favourites?


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