Tuesday 3 December 2019

Decorating Our House For Christmas

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I know that I did a Christmas decoration haul the other day, but I thought I'd share a few more in-depth photographs to show you how I've decorated our home for the festive season. I knew that I wanted a red theme throughout, but to make sure that each area of my home had a cosy feel to it. From cheesy novelty mugs in the kitchen to a soft, tartan bed set to dive into at the end of the day, here are my top picks and a look into my Christmas plans. 

My Christmas tree has had a full overhaul this year as I've opted for a faux one instead our traditional real one. I picked the Argos 6ft Snow Covered offering in the sale and it's better than I ever expected - it's so full and luxe looking! I've made it into my dream Christmas tree by adding poinsettias and candy canes alongside the red and dark burgundy baubles. I bought the fake poinsettias and removed them from their stalks so they sit amongst the pines perfectly! 

I'm still looking for a Christmas tree skirt, but I've started to decorate my fireplace to look festive although I'm still got a little way to go. Since the photographs were taken, I've stacked wooden logs either side of our burner which work well with the stocking hanging over the top of it and twinkling fairy lights along the bottom.  
I've swapped over the cushions in our living room and on our bed for more festive appropriate ones. H&M always does amazing homeware and the Stag Cushion Cover is perfect as I already own the inserts, so all I have to do is swap them around plus the green compliments my new Argos Stag Bedspread, a bedding set I picked up for a very reasonable price in the sale. 

My bedroom mirror has had a bit of a makeover too as I was mourning the loss of my orange Autumn leaf garland that I had draping off over it throughout the last couple of months, so I've switched it for a garland that I picked up from Wilko's. I knew that I wanted one like this, but I couldn't find one that I could afford, so instead I opted of going for a basic one and then filling it with the accessories I want. I originally wanted it over my mirror as I said, but in the above photographs you can see it has made to our bed frame and I think that's where it'll stay for the time being. 

In the evenings, I've loved popping on all the lights, snuggling under my new tartan blanket and get into my cosy pyjamas for the evening ahead. Candles are of course a must, but I also have several plates out ready for snacks! I picked most of mine up from H&M, Homesense and Flying Tiger, so if you're looking for little trinkets I'd definitely recommend there. 

Have you decorated your home for Christmas yet? 


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