Friday 13 December 2019

Cosy Christmas Evening Guide

Cosy Christmas Evening Routine
Friday's in December are all about cosy evenings in with a classic Christmas film, snacks all around and bundles of blankets! I feel like this is something I need now more than ever, so I thought I'd share with you my favourite ways to relax and unwind over the festive season today. 

I start off with a spot of baking as it means not only do I get something tasty to eat later on, but I find it a great way to take my mind of the day. I've recently whipped up a batch of double chocolate muffins which I'll leave to cool, whilst I head out for a walk. Wrapping up warm, even with a hot drink in hand, I like to take a wander as the sunsets down by the river or if it's later on, I go on the hunt for the house with the best Christmas lights! 

When I get home, I run myself a steaming hot bath with either a bubble bar to create an abundance of bubbles to delve into or a bath bomb that will help me to relax. As I soak, I pop on a face mask, light a couple of candles and either stick on my rainy day or festive playlist. After I get out, I continue with my pamper; moisturising all over, fake tanning if I wish and then I paint my nails too (glitter optional).  

During the festive season I like to wrap presents up as I go and I actually find it super relaxing to do so. I stick on a Christmas film, turn on the twinkling tree lights and get wrapping! After I'm done, I snuggle up on the sofa with a large hot chocolate with all the trimmings, snacks and blankets too. Here are a few film suggestions: 

- Elf
- Home Alone
- Harry Potter
- The Holiday
- Arthur Christmas 
- Love Actually 
- Four Christmases 

Once the film has finished, I head up stairs to freshly washed sheets which I can slip into and relax. I light a candle on my bedside table and turn on one lamp or fairy lights to add a ambience to the room where I'll read my book for the rest of the evening before I fall asleep. 

What's your ultimate cosy Christmas evening routine? 

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