Thursday 1 August 2019

5 Things I've Added To My August To-Do List

August To Do List
September last year feels like it was only three months ago, but with the sudden realisation that it's actually next month this has made me panic and want to make the most of Summer whilst it's here. The recent warm weather hasn't done much for my productivity, but here are five things I've added to my August to-do list. 

Plan A Bit More | Don't worry I won't be mentioning the A word too often, but with transitional Autumn period on the horizon, I want to make the most of the rest of Summer and plan upcoming posts more. My notepad is currently full of ideas that I want to put into action, but I would like to get a little bit more organised in general too. 

Book Our September Trip | We still haven't booked our September trip we have taken time off for, but I'm all for a last minute deal if we spot one. We still need to figure out if we're 100% sure where we want to go, but a European city break for a couple of days sounds like the perfect plan! 

Tick Off Everything On My Summer To-Do List | I've got a few things left on my Summer to-do list that I want to tick off in the next month like visiting our local sunflower fields (and obviously photographing in them), going to the beach and going fruit picking too. 

Think About Saving | I always like to start thinking about saving money up for Christmas around this time of the year as although it may seem early, it does make it a lot easier when you get the time.

Continue Doing Yoga | Throughout July I have been practising yoga multiple times a week and it's seriously helped with my flexibility as well as my aches and pains. I follow a routine that I learnt a few years back and I want to continue to practice my moves into the next season too. 

What's on your August to-do list? 

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