Saturday 10 August 2019

20 Favourite Ways To Unwind + De Stress

Favourite Ways To Unwind + De Stress
I think it's safe to say I haven't had the most relaxing couple of weeks, but I've been trying to incorporate more relaxing techniques to help me unwind. Here are my 20 favourite ways to de-stress: 

ASMR | I've been watching and listening to ASMR for a while now, but I've decided to make it a regular part of my night-time routine after I've been struggling with drifting off at night. My favourite videos are from Gibi ASMR in particular, the sleep triggers are worth checking out. 

Exercise | When I'm feeling under the weather or I haven't had lots of sleep, I really struggle to motivate myself to exercise, but it's one of my favourite ways to de-stress and take my mind of things for a couple of hours. 

YouTube | I've been rewatching some of my favourite vlogs (big up Zoella' autumn content) as well as other videos and podcasts on there too. They're a great way to not think about anything for 20 minutes or so, I particularly like ones that are just generally chatting in the background. 

Do Something You Loved As A Kid | This is niche, but doing something that you loved as a kid is an easy way to put a smile on your face. Whether it's watching a film you used to love, making a playlist of your favourite songs or just simply colouring in using adult colouring in books - every little thing helps! 

Bath + Candles | This is a surprise to be on the list as it's just a great way to start your pamper routine off especially if you have lots of bubbles, a couple of Bath and Body works candle alight as well as some snacks or a drink if you're in there for a while. 

  • Pamper + Face Mask
  • Listen To A Podcast
  • Read A Book
  • Write About Your Day
  • Learn New Breathing Technique
  • Start A Conversation With A Friend
  • Re-Arrange Your Room
  • Visit A Lake, River or Beach
  • Spend The Evening Away From Your Phone
  • Receive or Give Yourself A Massage 
Favourite Ways To Unwind + De Stress
Walk In Nature | I honestly don't do this enough, but I want to make it a habit in the upcoming weeks to take more walks on the weekend in particular. We've got amazing woods to walk in not very far from our house, but we don't make the most of it as much as we should. 

Retail Therapy | As someone who loves to shop online, I rarely ever go into a shop anymore to just have a look. Sometimes it's exactly what I need, whether it's just simply shopping for cleaning products or looking to pick up an item for your home. 

Cook Up A Meal | Baking a cake or cookies can be a great pass time if you want to take some time out to do something for yourself, but cooking up a whole meal can just be as rewarding. 

Yoga and Meditation | I get asked a lot about what yoga routine I follow, but I actually make my own up from moves that I learnt when I did yoga lessons a few years back. You can find easy routines to follow on YouTube and Pinterest too, plus adding relaxing music that I found from Spotify is a great way to take some time out for yourself at the beginning or end of the day. 

Lavender Scented Products | A simple one, but for me, I find I relax the most when the area around me has a nice scent. I particularly like using Lush's Sleepy Lotion after the bath because it helps me drift off to sleep, but I find lavender in general whether it be in a spray or candle form can help me at night time. 

What are your favourite ways to unwind? 

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